During the last Brand Ambassador’s meetup in Lisbon, we sat with Balder, a BA from the geninc coworking hub in Antwerp. Watch the video below to discover his story !

Before he started working with geninc, Balder worked as a daycare center worker. He took care of babies and toddlers when their parents were off to work. As the years went by,  even if he loved working with children, he figured that his job didn’t offer developpment opportunities.

I had been taking care of children since I was 15 years old. But there there is no progression when you are a manny, and I didn’t want to do it my whole life.

Balder always wanted to find another opportunity, so he always refused permanent contracts to push himself towards a new carreer. With that state of mind, when  contacted to be a Brand Ambassador with geninc,  he immediatly wanted to try.

Even if he had no experience in sales, he was able to have fun immediatly in the field, and got results quickly thanks to his positive mindset, and a the help of his coach. He also loved being in control of his own carreer : as Brand Ambassadors working with geninc are independent, they work for themselves, and are less restrained than traditional employees.

I said to myself : it can’t hurt to try it. You know what you can get back to. If you don’t want to get back to it your only option is to try new things. And it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

Getting to work with geninc, Balder noticed that all Brand Ambassadors are offered the opportunity to developp new skills. They can coach and train fellow BAs and also progress with the end goal of becoming an entrepreneur. After nine month, Balder has become a coach and he is progressing quickly towards his goal : becoming a geninc franchisee.

When I was a Manny, I knew I couldn’t progress. With geninc, I can see other people progressing, that’s why I know there isn’t a ceiling. Of course everybody wants to become a franchisee, but after that it doesn’t stop !

Watch the video to discover how Balder’s life changed when he became a Brand Ambassador