Become a direct sales specialist, Coach and develop

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Are you looking for an experience in sales?

Become a Brand Ambassador and have the opportunity to learn new skills every single day!

Become a sales coach

Constant learning – Benefit from the support of an experienced Geninc coach from day 1. Develop new skills and gain hands on experience as you earn.

Travel to progress – Have the opportunity to travel to international events to Network and learn from other BAs


You want more! What if you became a geninc franchisee?

Join our business development program, and take control of your progression. Guided by a Geninc franchisee, learn to build and run your own business.

  • Independence and flexibility

    Become your own boss. Take control of your schedule and your progression.

  • Uncapped earning potential

    How much will you make? Your earning potential is in your control

  • Personal development

    Learn new skills like coaching, public speaking and sales. Step out of your comfort zone and develop.

  • Coworking hub

    Meet likeminded Brand Ambassadors in a fun, dynamic state of the art co-working space

As a BA, I learn the skills I will need to achieve my future goals while mentoring others to help them to fulfill their dreams.


Timy Van Roy

Your opportunity awaits. Ready to take action?

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