Welcome to the Geninc Coworking Hub in Rennes

The Rennes coworking is at the heart of the Geninc business. This coworking hub has several spaces for offices, making meetings or relaxing.

It is the place where all brand ambassadors meet to exchange, train and participate in coaching sessions before going on the field.

The location of the office also allows for easy access to nearby restaurants and shops.

Getting to the Rennes hub

The Rennes coworking hub is located only 15 minutes from the city center by car and about 30 minutes by public transport (from the République stop to the Forum stop). It is also close to the train station, it takes about 20 minutes by public transport.


1 Rue du Chêne Morand,
Cesson-Sévigné 06 30 23 20 27 hello@geninc.eu


What Geninc Rennes can do for you

With Geninc, take advantage of a large network of experienced coaches to acquire new interpersonal skills and develop both personally and professionally. There are many opportunities for you to grow by becoming a coach yourself or even, for the most ambitious, by opening your own franchise.

If you would like to know more about our opportunities, please contact geninc Rennes by e-mail at hello@geninc.eu
or by phone at 06 30 23 20 27.

What if you became a brand ambassador in Rennes?

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