Welcome to the Geninc coworking hub in Paris

As the leader in the direct sales market, Geninc has a presence in France and Belgium through multiple coworking hubs. Our mission is to introduce consumers to the brands we represent, by meeting people directly during residential campaigns, or at dedicated events.

By restoring human contact between a brand and its potential customers, we guarantee to share the brand’s message, with a personalized approach to every person we meet.

Our Geninc Paris coworking hub is located in Montreuil, less than 20 minutes by metro from Paris and the Place de la Nation.

You can easily find our Paris coworking hub by metro, line 9 will leave you just a few hundred meters from our doorstep. Geninc Paris is dedicated to offering the best environment for the independent salespeople we support. With meeting and working areas, relaxing spaces and even a fitness room, geninc Paris is the perfect space for ambitious independent people.

Discover unique sales and development opportunities in Paris

Geninc Montreuil is an environment created for our independent salespeople to learn and receive coaching that will help them become successful and develop skills for life.

Our hub near Paris allows them to prepare for their day in the field, network with other brand ambassadors from other Geninc coworking hubs across Europe, and look for advice from more experienced salespeople.

Come visit our coworking hub in Montreuil, or if you would like to learn about sales opportunities provided by Geninc in Paris or find out more about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

What if you became a Brand Ambassador in Paris?

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