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Ile de Nantes

Welcome to Geninc's Co-Working hub on the Ile de Nantes!

Located in the heart of Nantes next to the city center, the new Geninc Ile de Nantes co-working hub opens its doors to you and is ready to welcome you!

The Geninc Ile de Nantes coworking hub is part of the Geninc European network, leader in the direct sales market. Our mission is to represent brands to consumers and to introduce them to products and services during dedicated campaigns.

In line with Geninc's guiding principle, which places human contact at the heart of the relationship between customers and brands, the Ile de Nantes coworking hub is a space dedicated to ambassadors and exchange.

How to get to the hub

Located in the heart of the Ile de Nantes, close to the city centre, the Ile de Nantes co-working centre is easily accessible.
6 minutes from the train station by car and about 10 minutes by bus, taking line 4 Porte de Vertou towards Ile de Nantes.
You can also get there by bike via the quays or on foot for about twenty minutes.


5 boulevard Vincent Gâche,
44200 - Nantes 06 66 27 63 18


Unique sales and development opportunities

Notre coworking hub est un espace lumineux, moderne et accueillant. Avec des salles de réunions, espaces de travail individuels et espaces de détente, le hub met à disposition tous les outils nécessaires à la réussite des ambassadeurs.

Les membres du hub se retrouveront souvent pour échanger, et des évènements sociaux sont régulièrement organisés - faire partie de la famille Geninc, c’est faire partie d’une famille soudée !

Our coworking hub is a bright, modern and welcoming space. With meeting rooms, individual workspaces and relaxation areas, the hub provides all the tools necessary for ambassadors to succeed.

Hub members will often meet to exchange ideas, and social events are regularly organised - being part of the Geninc family means being part of a close-knit family!

Geninc Ile de Nantes has created the coworking hub so that independent salespeople can get together, both formally and informally. It is above all a space for learning and exchange: the hub is where all coaching sessions and meetings between salespeople take place, as well as contacts with the other hubs in the Geninc network.

During the coaching sessions, experienced coaches teach sales techniques, but also personal development and entrepreneurial skills. The coworking hub is the ideal place to become the best version of yourself!

It is also the place where all the days in the field are prepared, whether it be during a meeting or simply by making connections with more experienced salespeople. Regular contact with ambassadors from the Nantes hub and other European hubs provides valuable advice on how to succeed as a salesperson.

Come and visit our coworking hub on the Ile de Nantes!
If you would like to know more about our sales opportunities in Nantes, please contact us by phone on06 66 27 63 18 or by email at If you are located further north of Nantes, you can also contact the Nantes hub.

Become a Brand Ambassador in Ile de Nantes today !

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