Welcome to the Geninc coworking center in Ghent.

Located in the northwest of Belgium, the Ghent coworking hub has opened its doors and is ready to welcome you!
Geninc offers ambitious people the opportunity to represent national and international brands to consumers and to develop new skills as a professional salesperson.

The coworking hub has been designed to facilitate learning, whether through coaching or training.
The offices are spacious and welcoming. They favour integration and exchanges in a good atmosphere!

Discover the Geninc Ghent hub and find all our contact details to visit or contact us.

How to get there?

The coworking hub is about fifteen minutes from the centre by car and twenty minutes by bike.

From Sint-Pieters station, it takes a maximum of twenty minutes to get to the coworking hub, change at Gent Sint-Pietersstation perron 11 and stop at Gent Proeftuinstraat.

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Mageleinsteeg 21-G,
9000 Gent,
Belgique 0032 495 19 81 54 hello@geninc.eu

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A space for sales professionals

With the main objective of re-establishing human contact at the heart of relations between customers and brands, Geninc Ghent offers opportunities to represent national and international brands. The coworking hub is a space available to all in order to better support the franchisees of our network.

Geninc Ghent is a modern and welcoming space, with several offices, meeting rooms and networking areas, which allows independent salespeople to benefit from daily coaching and training sessions, as well as networking calls with other Geninc coworking centres in Europe.

It is a space designed to empower and educate independent sellers to become the best professionals they can be and develop the skills they need to succeed. Our coworking space in Ghent has a unique atmosphere, full of ambition and determination, where we foster the personal and professional development of people of all experience levels.

Experienced salespeople and entrepreneurs will be on hand to guide newcomers, organise training sessions on sales techniques, communication, personal development or entrepreneurship. The ambassadors' days in Ghent will typically start at the coworking hub to take stock and exchange with other representatives.

It is also a space for relaxation and social events in which network members can participate!

If you are looking for a first professional experience in Ghent, if you want to benefit from commercial training or develop your existing commercial expertise, our coworking hub in Ghent is the right place for you.

You can also visit the Ghent Geninc Facebook to learn more about us!

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