Welcome to the Geninc coworking hub in Bordeaux.

The Geninc Bordeaux coworking hub is the meeting point for Geninc salespeople and coaches before a day in the field, to debrief, exchange ideas or participate in training sessions.

Ideally located near the centre with a view of the Garonne river, the building in which we are located is new, modern and very spacious. Our offices occupy the entire floor. Large windows create a bright space with a positive energy for the day's activities.

The spaces are designed around a large common area with a kitchen, so that the ambassadors can meet informally and take a break. A meeting room allows franchisees to meet and contact other hubs. Several individual offices are available for training sessions.

How to get to the hub

Located near the St Jean train station, it takes 6 minutes by car from this point, 10 minutes by bus with line 11 (Brienne Vernet stop).

Develop your sales and business skills in Bordeaux

Being part of the Geninc network means joining one of Europe's largest networks of independent sellers. The more experienced franchisees in the Bordeaux hub will be happy to welcome you and support you throughout your independent sales career.

You will be able to represent some of the most recognised brands and, with experience, many development opportunities will open up to you, such as coaching new salespeople or creating your own franchise.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact our Bordeaux sales team and coaches to find out more about Geninc and all our opportunities. You can also visit the Geninc Bordeaux Facebook page for more information!

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