Welcome to the Geninc coworking hub in Bordeaux.

Geninc is not only the leader in direct sales in France, but also has a strong presence across Europe in Belgium and the Netherlands. With our unique vision for the face to face sales industry, and understanding of the relationship between brands and consumers, we have become one of the fastest growing sales company in Europe.

Every day, our independent brand ambassadors meet with potential consumers all over Europe to share a client brand’s message and present its products or services.

Our Bordeaux coworking hub is located in a brand new business neighbourhood, close to the Chartons neighbourhood, and the lake.You can easily reach Geninc Bordeaux using public transport, as tramway C stops right at our door.

Develop your sales and business skills in Bordeaux

Our Bordeaux coworking hub occupies a whole floor of a brand new office building. We’ve designed it to be modern and open, with glass walls to let the light circulate everywhere which creates an excellent working and learning environment.

In this hub, the brand ambassadors can prepare before going out on the field, network or seek advice from the more experienced sales experts.

At Geninc, we do our best to create spaces in which the professional salespeople we support feel comfortable, and have everything they need to succeed in their role.

In our lively and dynamic Bordeaux hub, we offer our independent salespeople the opportunity to learn and develop in the field of sales. Our experienced coaches, dedicated materials and learning environment are perfect for anyone who wants to grow as a professional and are not afraid of leaving their comfort zone. Geninc Bordeaux has everything in place to facilitate success.

If you are looking for new opportunities in sales in Bordeaux, or want to learn new skills as a salesperson, a coach or an entrepreneur, contact us by phone or email.

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