Become a direct sales specialist, Coach and develop

Become a Brand Ambassador

Your already benefit from a first experience in sales or marketing ?

Become a Brand Ambassador and have the opportunity to learn new skills every single day! You decide how quickly you progress.

Become a sales coach

Constant learning – Benefit from the support of an experienced Geninc coach from day 1. Develop new skills and gain hands on experience as you earn.

Travel to progress – Have the opportunity to travel to international events to Network and learn from other BAs

You want more! What if you became a geninc franchisee?

Join our business development program, and take control of your progression. Guided by a Geninc mentor, learn to build and run your own business.

Independence and flexibility

Become your own boss. Take control of your schedule and your progression.

Unlimited earning potential

How much will you make? Your earning potential is in your control

Personal development

Learn new skills like coaching, public speaking and sales. Step out of your comfort zone and develop.

Coworking hub

Meet likeminded Brand Ambassadors in a fun, dynamic state of the art co-working space

As a BA, I learn the skills I will need to achieve my future goals while mentoring others to help them to fulfill their dreams.

Timy Van Roy

Your opportunity awaits. Ready to take action?

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