At the age of 28, and after only 3 years as a Brand Ambassador in Lyon, Yanis has opened a brand new Geninc Franchise in the city of Strasbourg. The next step in the expansion of Geninc in France, and a new challenge for this former student in Finance and Wealth Management.


What did you do before you became a Brand Ambassador?

Originally from Lyon, I completed a Master’s Degree in Finance. During my studies I worked in Geneva, Switzerland. It was a very cosmopolitan city and I really enjoyed my time there! My original goal was to work in wealth management there but to work in Switzerland you need a work permit, which is renewable every 5 years. At the end of my first 5 year visa I had to return to France for a period of 6 months before I could apply for my new permit. I wasn’t going to sit on my hands for those 6 months so I did a little research and was contacted by Geninc. As soon as I arrived at the coworking hub in Lyon I was immediately intrigued by the energy and the atmosphere! It was the opposite of what I knew from my previous experience. During the presentation, I was shown the opportunities for development and travel, so I decided to go ahead and do a day of observation. I gave myself 5 months to try the adventure, I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland, Paris, Ibiza and I became a coach. At the end of those 5 months, all the skills I acquired and the prospect of becoming a Franchisee made me realise that Geninc was a better opportunity than my previous goal of working in Switzerland.

As soon as I arrived at the coworking hub in Lyon I was immediately intrigued by the energy and the atmosphere! It was the opposite of what I knew from my previous experiences.

Vendeurs indépendants Geninc se réunissent à Strasbourg

What is your experience as a Brand Ambassador?

From day one I immediately understood the possibilities that the Geninc opportunity had to offer. If you work hard you can become a Franchisee. Every day I looked forward to going out into the field, it really helped me get out of my comfort zone and I learned a lot about myself! Basically, I’m quite shy and introverted, at first when I rang a doorbell I was glad when they didn’t open the door for me. Today, I find it much easier to reach out to people, and I have had the opportunity to coach about 20 people.It’s this whole mix of skills, sales, coaching, recruiting that made me want to go ahead and surpass myself.

Going in the field really helped me get out of my comfort zone.


What’s going to change now that you’re a Franchisee?

I have to learn about running a business, but other than that, not much will change for me. I really want to continue to grow, by going in the field, coaching Brand Ambassadors, and learning from everyone. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by mentors like Steve Shortt or Florent Bernard who have been with me and helping me from the beginning.

Geninc Coaching dans le coworking hub de strasbourg

What’s your goal? Where do you see yourself in five years?

My goal is to develop the city of Strasbourg as much as possible by helping the people I coach to open Franchises. I will continue to move forward with this goal in mind, while continuing to pass on what I know to others. And maybe open a new Franchise in Switzerland, as I know that country well.

3 tips for a future Franchisee?

Keep going in the field, it’s the most important part of Geninc’s core values: Building the business from the field.

Be humble: Franchisee is a title, if you don’t keep working hard it’s useless.

Take full advantage of the chance we have here, the chance to make this opportunity a great success for yourself.