Yama made his first steps at geninc in Brussels.
Although she had obstacles related to her different native language, she was able to adapt, learn and overcome her limits. She is now a franchisee!

What did you do before Geninc?

I did many things before geninc!
I started by studying architecture for 1 year.
Then I did a year of cinema, I studied to be an actress, a scriptwriter. I liked it a lot but I finally stopped because my parents were afraid for me. They wanted to see me in something more stable. So I started a training in insurance for 3 years where I could do an internship and find a job. I decided to stop my studies at that time to work full time but I got bored very quickly, it was always the same thing and I wanted more independence. I started to create projects on my own like launching a clothing website which turned out to be very complicated. It was finally at this time that geninc contacted me. I didn’t immediately understand the concept as we didn’t speak the same language but I took the bet, I said to myself “why not?

How did you start as a BA?

At the beginning, it was difficult for me because of the language, but the activity really allowed me to move, not to be locked in an office and to challenge myself, so I stayed, trained and gave myself the means to succeed. This is how I managed to make my first sales and what a joy! I also like the special atmosphere you can find at geninc, you feel like a family, everyone is benevolent and positive, it’s contagious. For once I really enjoyed what I was doing so I decided to put all my energy into going as far as possible.

I have become much more enthusiastic and ambitious.

What attracted you when you started?

Without a doubt, the atmosphere! There are many people who think like me, who want to do different things, to be independent. With geninc, we have this possibility, this flexibility. We can choose our hours, our days, our goals.
I have become much more enthusiastic and ambitious.
It also allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and to develop personally. In the beginning, I didn’t care about making sales because I could see that I was evolving every day. I felt more comfortable in my exchanges with others, I dared to make the first step and I saw myself opening up as I went along.

I will be able to support my mother as she has always supported me in my projects.

What is going to change now that you are a franchisee?

It will be different, especially financially. I will be able to support my mother as she has always supported me in my projects.
I also plan to recreate a clothing brand. I feel capable of it today thanks to my experiences and my evolution with geninc.
I also want to create wells for Senegal, Asia and to grow my association Warriors Humanity which allows the distribution of meals to the poorest people in Brussels.

What are your goals now? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Later, I would like to ensure a commercial development of my association in Africa by having an organization on site. In the long term, I also plan to open geninc offices all over Belgium.

3 tips for a future franchisee?

  • Have a good mindset. Work hard, accept the ups and downs and set goals that are bigger than your excuses.
  • Be humble, grateful for what geninc has to offer.
  • Persevere, be patient, don’t give up. Great things take time.