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Working on commission? geninc independent salespeople give their opinion.

Working on commission can be scary for many people. Alice and Lievin, independent sales people in Ghent, share their opinion about this income method that suits them.

What is commission based income?

Commission is a form of remuneration which income varies according to the results. Working on commission therefore makes it possible to receive an unlimited income. Independent sellers who collaborate with geninc receive a remuneration based on their results.

We asked Alice and Liévin, independent salespeople in Ghent for a few months, what were their thoughts about working on commission.

A sense of justice between independent salespeople

Independent salespeople are paid on a performance basis. Thus, the better their results, the higher their income. This is not necessarily the case in the salary system since the employee is not in control of the amount of his income, which does not depend on his work ethic.

I have always been a person who works a lot and very fast. I worked for an architect for six months. I have worked very hard but I have never been paid as much as I have. My colleagues worked less than me but earned as much as I did.

Unlimited income

Commission-based income accurately reflects the quantity and quality of the work provided. This is why this method of remuneration is perfectly suited to people who are very involved in their activity and who wish to be paid at the level of their efforts.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. But after it was explained to me I immediately thought it would be a good thing for me to work on commission, because I am a hard worker and if you work hard on commission you can make a lot of money.

The commission is better for me because I work for what I want.

Motivation as an engine

This method of remuneration is very motivating since the person on commission sets his own goals. To ensure that this motivation lasts and gives them every chance, independent salespeople working with geninc benefit from the advice of coaches. They help them set and achieve their objectives, motivate them, push them to surpass themselves while giving them all the keys to succeed in direct sales.

I have the motivation and enthusiasm and it helps me to achieve my goals.

We have a lot of excellent coaches, so don’t be afraid to work on commission

Watch the video to find out what independent Geninc salespeople think about working on commission!