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What would you do if you weren’t scared ?

During the last Brand Ambassador meetup in Lisbon, we’ve asked the following question to a few geninc Brand Ambassadors : “What would you do if you weren’t scared ?” This question, asked during job interviews at Facebook, has the potential to unsettle anyone ! But those brave Brand Ambassadors have played the game and have confided their fears.

We all feel afraid, in all the shapes that this feeling can take. For some, fear is an ice wall, empeding us to move forward. For others, fear is an engine, making us pushing ourselves and try new experiences.

Whatever the case, it is rare for us humans to stop and think about what we would do if this fear was to disapear.

No will without fear ?

Jorick, Balder, Mehdi, Jules and Timy haven’t got scared to play the game and answer the big question. Each in his own way of course ! They describe what fear means to them, and what they would do if they weren’t feeling afraid.

Jorick, Brand Ambassador with geninc in Lillc, explains that his fear dictates every action he takes. But not in the way you might think :

If you aren’t scrared to do something, do you still want to do it ? Want to push yourself ? The value of doing something lies in the fact that you are afraid of doing it, but still, you overcome that fear.

Balder, who’s been working with geninc for nine month in Antwerp, tells us about his fright of airplanes. A fear he overcomes regularly as he travelled a lot more since he became a Brand Ambassador. Then he explains that he would be more spontaneous, and open if he wasn’t scared:

I would tell the truth more in life, and I think I’d start to tell more, and think less.

According to Timy, fear is just a wall you have to come through, to access all the opportunities life has to offer. This 23 years old Brand Ambassador, who has only been working with geninc for the last six months confesses that he doesn’t really have a confort zone, and that he’s not really scared of anything- almost! To prove his point, he explains his close encounter with a tarentula, during a trip in Mexico, which cured him of his arachnophobia:

So he puts the spider on my face, and I was terrified, disgusted. Then I thought that it wasn’t that bad. Spiders are not that terrifying. Fear is just a wall, when you cross it, all the possibilities are there. Everything !

Watch the video to discover their answers