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Portrait of Valère

One of the newest franchisees in the organisation is Valere. Valere is a former military and hydraulic engineer who has excelled within the sales industry through his unprecedented work ethic, consistency and a deep rooted sense of determination.

Everything I did, I did it to prove I was worth something to people who’ve told me I’d never achieve anything in life.

His career before was world’s away from the sales industry he has mastered currently. Between being a soldier in the army, working on research projects in Africa to being a hydraulic engineer, it’s fair to say that the sales sector was not a place Valere saw himself ending up. However he did know that even though he had tried a lot of career paths, nothing felt quiet right for him.

I’ve pictured myself 10 years later sitting at the same desk… I had to go back in the field.

Still unfulfilled in his career Valere jumped at the opportunity to begin working with geninc. However after being burned by his past work experiences, he was not holding his breath that this would be the dream role for him.

I wasn’t coming a lot in the morning. I was going to the field, but I wasn’t very good. I found it complicated.

Nonetheless Valere put all of his efforts into this, his new career adventure. Determined to grow and gain a better understanding Valere looked to fellow brand ambassadors across the worldwide community for advice and guidance.

At the time, I was broke. I started my car with jump cables every morning. But I understood my abilities and ambition. So I gave everything I had.

His new outlook on the business led directly to big results for Valere. Within six months he had cemented himself as a core player within the geninc franchise and was making major strides building his personal network.

When I noticed that the people who were involved in the coworking hub, and were coming to meetings were the ones making very good money, I changed my attitude. The rest followed.

Now an official franchisee of the organisation he is living proof that determination and a positive attitude can beat habit any day. Even as a franchisee, this former procrastinator gives himself a rhythm and objectives to follow, with the ambition to improve every day.

I only reward myself if I’m happy with my results. If I don’t reach my goals, I cancel the trip I had planned for several months.

Looking forward Valère aims to develop his organization in France and abroad. He also wishes to be the first franchisee to expand our organization to Africa.

The best thing for me is to see how I can help people in my network develop and make a decent living through my coaching.

His advice to a future franchisee :

  • Have plenty of energy
  • Act like the person you want to become
  • Dive in, and complete your projects
  • Don’t do what you want to do, do what you need to do