At the age of 33 and after less than 3 years as a Brand Ambassador and sales coach in Lyon and Paris, Sully became a Geninc franchisee in Montreuil. This former adventurer with a true entrepreneurial spirit chose Geninc after living for 9 years in Mexico building a future for his son and himself.

Your story before becoming a Brand Ambassador?

When I was younger, I went to Mexico to study psychology and anthropology. Well, I dropped out pretty quickly to travel all over the country ,and I stayed there for 9 years. Thanks to the people I met there, I became independent, first by opening a local craft shop, then by managing cafés and restaurants and finally by creating my own clothing brand. Each time I learned by myself, starting from scratch. I ended up creating a store in Mexico City in partnership with other brands, and this shop still exists today.

After 9 years, I had reached the end of my Mexican adventure. I wanted to create a better future for my son who was born there, and for me it meant coming back to France and becoming successful here, to build a bridge between the two countries.

When I arrived in France, I got offered a permanent job in retail, and I was so close to shutting down the Entrepreneur in me to take this position, with few prospects for development, when I discovered Geninc.

Your experience as a Brand Ambassador?

My first impression of Geninc was the coworking hub in Lyon. The whole place radiates with energy. I was impressed by the office and by the success of the people who were running it. The more I discovered their stories, the more I wanted to follow their example and learn from them.

I saw in Geninc the opportunity I was looking for. The opportunity to build the lifestyle I dreamed of for my son and me. So I went for it.

From the first door, from the first week, I knew I was made for sales, and I became the best Brand Ambassador in Lyon in less than 10 days. I thought it was easy, and more experienced people came to me for advice. I understood that I could evolve quickly by maintaining the same results week after week and that’s what I did.

After only 3 weeks, I took the lead on the campaign in Lyon, becoming “Campaign Champion” and I loved this responsibility.

I started coaching before I was a coach, because everyone was asking me for advice. I started acting like a Franchisee before I became one, because I wanted to get used to having this role and this level of responsibility.

For me coaching means giving independence as quickly as possible to the person I am coaching. I set the example, I ask the person to do as I do, and I encourage and help them to have confidence. I let the person make their own mistakes and I teach them to analyse and correct themselves. Every day my role is to motivate the people I coach. To tell them and prove to them that even during a tough day, right up to the last door, the last second, they can reach their goal.

What will change now that you are a Franchisee?

It’s a status that comes with a lot of responsibilities and privileges. It means that I’m starting to reach my goal and I’ll be able to build the lifestyle I’ve wanted since I started my journey in direct sales.

Leading by example, showing success, and knowing how to keep my feet on the ground.

I’m not going to change the way I coach, but I intend to reward people who stand out from the crowd as much as possible. I’m still looking for the person who can beat me, and the day someone does, I’ll be the proudest coach in the world!

Our activity is really fun, if you don’t take yourself seriously all the time. I want to do everything I can to create an environment that allows everyone to have fun and evolve every day.

Your goal? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My goal has been the same for the last 3 years. I would like to build a bridge between my two lives, my life as an Entrepreneur in France and my family life in Mexico. Maybe not take part in Geninc’s expansion in Mexico? There is a great opportunity for us there.

To own a beautiful house in Mexico and live there with my son, and make sure he’s got enough to take care of himself.

3 tips for a future franchisee?

  • Be confident
  • Always look to develop yourself
  • Never listen to those who do not believe in you