At a time when Ireland was experiencing the worst economic crash it had seen in decades, Steve was a young man ready to start his career in an economic environment that did not match his ambition and aspirations.

Steve happened upon our organisation and was instantly captivated by the opportunity to become a brand ambassador, to be in control of his earnings and build his own business.

Having worked in many industries before like retail and live events Steve had no shortage of experience, however the sales industry was a brand new adventure for him. Despite the lack of experience within the sector Steve couldn’t pass up this opportunity to set up and open his own business.

My whole career started with a simple appointment. I had no experience in direct marketing but I learned thanks to the coaching.

After only 15 months working as a brand ambassador Steve had achieved exactly what he had set out to do from the start. In this short space of time he had built up a portfolio of clients across many sectors he represented and successfully recruited enough people to set up his own company.

Fast forward to 2015 Steve had three companies operating in Ireland, however the small size of the country meant Steve couldn’t scale his organisation to a size that would satisfy him. Looking further a field Steve saw the French market as his opportunity to grow and expand.

France is 16 times bigger than Ireland. It was the opportunity I was dreaming of, to make my business grow while still allowing my offices in Ireland to develop properly.

One year into the expansion and development of France, Steve’s Lille office was booming. Never one to stay in place Steve uprooted himself again to continue his expansion plans and opened his second French office in Lyon.

It is no surprise to anyone who knows Steve, Lyon became the most successful co-working hub in the country, with Steve and his team of ambitious brand ambassadors driving results in this new territory.

Steve is currently still living in the south of France, continuing to make strides with his Lyon team while his Lille and Irish offices still thrive. His goal now is to expand his organization to 100 offices in France and Europe in the next few years.

We opened the first coworking hub in Lille with 5 people. Now more than 200 brand ambassadors are working with geninc in France.

His advice to a future franchisee :

  • Be willing to learn, to start at the bottom, and to be coached before you coach others
  • Develop your work ethic : our business requires a lot of work and consistency
  • Be patient. It takes time to build something big. You won’t have results in 24 hours.
  • Always want more