Looking for a way to fund his college tuition, Sid Jain started working in our organisation only a few years ago. Flash forward to present day and Sid leads five thriving offices across two different countries.

Originally from India, Sid moved to London to pursue a degree in Marketing Management. With big goals of finishing his studies and moving home to India to set up his own business, the only thing Sid hadn’t figured out yet was what he would do for some extra money for college. Sid stumbled upon our organisation at first viewing it as a stop-gap to earn some money while gaining some sales experience.

Captivated by the opportunity, Sid clicked with our business and took to sales immediately.

My life changed. In the field, half of the people didn’t understand my accent but I immediately loved doing sales and I was having a lot of fun.

Now enjoying himself and making money Sid chose to fully commit to his newfound passion. However, Sid’s naturally timid character did not always lend itself to the high energy, extrovert sales environment he was in. Wanting to stay under the radar and avoid public recognition, shy Sid would purposely miss his weekly sales goal by one sale every week.

Sid’s natural tendency to avoid the spotlight meant he found it hard to network with the other Brand Ambassadors. Working solo and not embracing the group around him meant that Sid didn’t fully engross himself within the organisation’s culture or understand the business development program. At this point he was only focusing on his personal sales and ignoring the business building opportunity in front of him.

I wasn’t interested in the business development program. I thought it was nonsense

Recognising the talent and skills Sid had his sponsor invites him to attend a business advancement meeting in a bid to open his mind to the opportunity in front of him. Sid, still unconvinced, agreed to attend. It is within this meeting the penny finally dropped for Sid. The opportunity to create a business within such a supportive network of entrepreneurs with such limited personal risk was one he knew wouldn’t arise again.

I understood how the business worked. That I was working for myself, for my own development.

Finally embracing the organisation’s full culture, Sid throws himself into the business and everything that encompasses it. He begins recruiting new members for his personal network, coaches fellow brand ambassadors, commits to his sales goals and grows personally. Ten months pass of Sid thriving in this environment and at the end of it Sid has not only graduated college but also is offered to become a business owner within our organisation. At this point Sid made the life changing decision to abandon his previous plan and accepts the new offer.

From these humble beginnings Sid has grown his Organisation to impressive heights across the UK. His achievements include the opening and development of four new co-working hubs and coaching upwards of 300 brand ambassadors across his network.

With this level of success achieved in the UK, Sid sets his sights on the French market. In 2015, Sid took part in opening the first French co-working hub in Lille. Flash forward two years and Sid is signed on as the first geninc franchisee in France.

With all these accomplishments under his belt Sid is now looking to the future, which is shaped around the French Market and how he can capitalize and develop business people here.

I stayed in the organization because I was developing personally. I wasn’t only working. I also learned a lot, more than in college

His advice to a future franchisee :
• Give it a go
• Don’t stand on the edge
• The only way to know if you like it is to try