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Sales training: Have you tried coaching ?

Few people think about using a coach to train for sales training. However, if training in sales techniques can be effective in the short term, nothing beats regular coaching to continuously improve or remain a top salesperson!

Many people only seek training before or at the beginning of their professional career. By focusing on either their university education or their early work experience, these people often forget to continue training over the years, and let their knowledge and skills stagnate or become obsolete.

Sales is a constantly evolving sector, driven by daily risk-taking and innovation. While some sales techniques have theoretically not changed for generations, the entire sales environment is constantly evolving.

Body language, sense of contact, relationship building, environment, trust, attitude… all these implicit techniques that distinguish an average salesperson from a leader are changing with the society, and need to be constantly re-invented.

Training in sales techniques and coaching

For a beginner in sales, an initial training is essential, to master the basic techniques. But once this initial training has been completed, no theoretical in-depth study is worth the practical experience in the field, and the daily advice of an experienced sales coach.

Starting doing sales without experience? It’s possible!

Geninc coaches train and coach beginners every week. The key to their success? let them experiment: We think that watching an excellent salesperson in the field, before practicing yourself, is better than several months of theoretical sales training.

At geninc, whatever his or her level of experience, a salesperson can always benefit from the advice of a mentor, to improve his or her results or make important decisions for the rest of his or her career.

Sales training at geninc

Each independent salesperson collaborating with geninc has access to flexible sales training and coaching, which adapts to his or her personal objectives, schedule, and the skills he or she wishes to develop. It consists of three modules:

Product training and sales techniques

An initial training for each salesperson at the beginning of his or her career, and for each new campaign. The opportunity to review the basics of sales, and to get to know a new product to present it to consumers. These trainings are provided by experienced salespeople in the countryside sector.

Day-to-day sales coaching

Help available on a daily basis in our coworking hubs for any independent Geninc salesman. The opportunity to take stock of your results and objectives, and to receive advice from a more experienced sales coach, or from another successful salesperson.

Travels to educational and networking events

Travel in a geninc coworking hub to network with salespeople and entrepreneurs from another region or country. Get out of your comfort zone, and support the best salespeople in the field to learn from them. Or be invited to a sales seminar, bringing together salespeople from all over Europe. Attend conferences and workshops led by the best entrepreneurs.