Independent by nature, Rob has had a series of experiences without fully realizing his potential. He was tempted by the geninc opportunity and a few months later, he celebrated the opening of his own franchise!

What did you do before Geninc?

I studied sports science without being sure what I wanted to do. Then I joined the army’s special forces and after two months of transfer, I started working in a factory. It didn’t go very well, I didn’t like the working conditions: fixed salary, no possibility of evolution, repetitive and not very rewarding missions. I left shortly after, I tried something else but the situation was the same elsewhere.

How did you start as a BA?

I discovered geninc while looking for a sales opportunity.
I was curious to know more about the opportunity so I decided to go to Antwerp and said to myself “why not” and I was not disappointed: I felt at ease right away, in my place. I felt like I was joining a family because everyone is friendly and there is a very motivating atmosphere. Everyone is cheerful, laughs or makes jokes and everyone also advises and supports each other. This is perhaps one of the advantages of being independent with geninc. No one is in competition with anyone, everyone tries to challenge themselves, which helps to grow and to have a better state of mind. And then there is also the possibility to grow with geninc.

We are rewarded according to our efforts and our progress. We create our own income and it’s a change from traditional companies. When I think about my past experiences, I think that being stuck in one position with a fixed salary really didn’t suit me. I am happy and feel lucky to have had this opportunity.

Geninc gave me all the keys to succeed and I was able to take them. I have evolved as I wanted to and now I have the opportunity to open my own franchise and a new office in Gent, to build something new in my own image.

I went ahead and said to myself “why not”.

What is going to change now that you are a franchisee?

I have already changed a lot to get to this point.
When I was younger, I was rather impulsive, negative and aggressive with others. I always needed to be independent. Today, I see things differently and my behavior is different, more pleasant and positive with those around me. Where I used to see only problems, I now see solutions, my mindset has evolved, it is more flexible now. For the future, I still have a lot of work to do, many things to accomplish. But I will also take the time to focus on what I really want, to take time to go to the gym. When I was younger, I had limits, I couldn’t have everything. Today, if I want something, I do everything I can to get it and make sure it’s possible. I feel less stress and more freedom.

Where I used to see only problems, I now see solutions, my mindset has evolved, it is more flexible.

What are your goals now? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where, I don’t know. But until then, I see myself with a McLaren 720s Spider, an apartment and then, of course, continue to grow with geninc. I see myself more confident with even more abilities, skills. I’m aiming for the best, I want to continue to improve in every way to always be the best version of myself.

I aim for the best, I want to keep improving in every way to always be the best version of myself.

3 tips to a future franchisee ?

  • Invest a lot of time, don’t worry too much about small rewards, stay focused on your goal.
  • Always look for ways to do better, to improve, to challenge yourself to be better.
  • Find your why, what motivates you. At school they told me I couldn’t do it, what motivates me is to prove them wrong. And Michelle is an example for me, I want to be able to bring to others what she brought to me, that’s my second motivation.