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Restoring human contact – A new challenge for brands

In an over-digitalized world, consumers want to restore a direct and humanized contact with brands. In recent years, brands have quickly abandoned traditional sales, preferring to digitize all their services to meet consumer demands for convenience and flexibility. But today, the latter are more interested in face-to-face and human relations in their relationship with brands. This poses a new challenge for companies: reconnecting with their customers, or letting their competitors take the lead.

100% Digital – Is it the future of commerce?

We live in an era where all decision-making and purchasing processes for consumers are digitalized. The share of e-commerce is growing every year, and also leads to the digitisation and automation of customer services. Many consumers have adopted this new way of consuming, but it is also accompanied by many limitations that slow down its hegemony.

By digitising their points of sale and customer services, brands have led to a reduction in human relations in the commercial relationship, as well as to the scarcity of local physical points of sale and service. However, for many consumers, these two factors of proximity and face-to-face human relations remain important in their purchasing process and their relationship with the brand.

According to a study conducted in France by Accenture strategy:

  • 79% of consumers prefer to deal directly with someone to solve their customer service problems.
  • 58% believe that the store is the best channel to obtain personalized service.
  • 44% go to the store for advice, and/or test products before ordering on the Internet.

Human contact – Brands’ last sales argument

For consumers looking for a humanized and personalized relationship with brands, making an online purchase or dealing with a digitalized customer service can be a frustrating battleground, and give the impression that the brand is losing interest in its consumers and their needs.

Companies must rebalance investment between digital and traditional channels to provide their customers with a consistent, personalized and humane experience. Those who abandon human contact will be confronted with the need to rebuild a relationship with a customer who is difficult to win back.

A few years ago, the digitalization of brand services was the key factor in differentiating them from their competitors. Today, brands are facing a new challenge: reinventing their traditional services around human contact.

In this context, geninc’s mission is to restore human contact between brands that may have abandoned it from their consumers. By representing brands directly to consumers, we build a personalized relationship with all the people we meet.