In search of independence, Nina wanted more responsibility. With geninc, it’s done: she is now a franchisee in Belgium!

What did you do before geninc?

I left school early, at 15, because I wanted to be a rider but I had some problems that forced me to drop out. I did some odd jobs but I didn’t like the idea of working for someone else. I wanted something new, to feel more useful and to have more responsibility. And since I didn’t have a degree, I decided to work hard by choosing an independent activity.

How did you start as a BA?

The activity interested me first because I knew that it would be an opportunity for me to be independent. I started by doing a day of observation with my coach to better understand the opportunity and I was very surprised because geninc has a very different approach from other companies, much more human. We are immediately in contact with the client and everything is done directly and face to face, which is a real change from digital channels.

I was quite stressed at the beginning, but I felt very well received and supported by the Franchise and all the other Brand Ambassadors. That’s what made me want to continue, I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and thanks to my coach’s advice, I was able to make sales from my first day on the field!

I really like the atmosphere at geninc, as well as the coworking and the people I work with who are easy to talk to. I always felt like I belonged and these are key points that were very decisive in my choice to make this my career.

I really like the atmosphere at geninc, I have always felt like I belonged.

What attracted to you when you started?

The people: all motivated, caring, positive and inspiring. It makes you want to do it! I entered an environment that was conducive to personal development. At geninc, we are not judged on who we are or our past experiences. We are all at the same starting point and we all have the same opportunities, regardless of our level, our origins, our gender etc. Only our performance counts and we are rewarded for our efforts. For example, I was able to set goals for myself and reach them without any problem, which is not possible in other companies where you are conditioned to a single position with no prospects of evolution. Here, you have the impression that everything is possible. I said to myself “if they could do it, why can’t I?”

“If they could do it, why can’t I?”

What is going to change now that you are a franchisee?

I’m going to do more meetings for starters! I’m going to take on more responsibility, recruit more, set bigger goals. Having my own office will also allow me to build something new, bring out my values and be able to better manage business.

What are your goals now? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m a very realistic person, so I prefer to achieve my short-term goals first before projecting myself on the long term. But for this first year, I already have big goals, I would like to open an office in Leuven in Belgium and another one in Spain, where my parents are based, to be closer to them. I set goals year after year, to move forward step by step.

I’m a very realistic person, so I prefer to achieve my short-term goals first before projecting myself on the long term.

3 tips for a future franchisee?

  • Always play the game, don’t let yourself be influenced by the less motivated, work hard and stay focused on your objective by surrounding yourself well.
  • Break the rules, get out of your comfort zone to evolve and reach your goals.
  • Keep control over what you want, get informed and understand what is going on around you. Don’t wait for anyone, make an effort and rely only on yourself.