Frustrated of the lack of acknowledgment, Maxime quits his manager position in a famous fast food chain to start a new career in sales. Fast forward a few years, he has become his own boss, and coaches independent sales people every day.

At 21 years old Maxime is a manager in a restaurant of a large fast food chain in Lille.

He manages a team, has many responsibilities but feels that he is not being paid according to his efforts, skills and responsibilities. One day, as a brand ambassador enters the restaurant where Maxime works for lunch, he notices his smile and enthusiasm for the customer service he gives off.

The brand ambassador then presents Maxime with the opportunity to become an independent salesman. The young manager considers his proposal and a month later his decision is taken. He takes the risk of leaving his position as a manager and becomes an independent salesman.

A blank slate

After leaving his managerial position, Maxime starts a new career from scratch as an independent salesman. Very quickly, the former manager turns out to be an excellent salesman, and evolves to become a sales coach…

One of the most important things in this activity is the fun and fun that reigns there. It’s something that still exists as a franchisee, even if you have to be more serious. Taking the fun out of what you do is taking the effort out of this business, especially for the field part, the fun is the field.

A year later, Maxime was offered to leave Lille to participate in the expansion of geninc in Marseille. A new coworking hub where he will be able to assume a new role, and take more responsibility for his development. The young entrepreneur jumps at the opportunity without asking too many questions because for him the opportunity is obvious.

We live in a country where, for many people, opportunities are quite blocked. But when you enter Geninc, you realize that the world is full of opportunities. I had the feeling that I was being opened a door behind which there are a lot of possibilities and options.

Taking responsabilities to grow

When he arrives in Marseille, Maxime is still a coach. He wants to follow in the footsteps of his mentors and in turn manage his own business, but encounters difficulties in developing his mentality, and the skills necessary for a future entrepreneur to succeed. But he has always been able to count on the support of his mentor, and other entrepreneurs in the Geninc network to guide him.

The course between coach and franchisee required a lot of maturity and skills. There was a lot of awareness, questioning and questioning and all this made it take me longer to open my franchise than I could have done. But I don’t regret anything because without these mistakes I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Two years after moving to Marseille, Maxime finally creates his company, and chooses to join the Geninc network. Today, he coaches more than 20 independent salespeople.

Entrepreneurship : a new adventure

When Maxime remembers his first days as a brand ambassador and compares himself to Maxime who became a business leader at the age of 24, he realizes that a lot has changed:

I have become a better version of myself, more responsible, more organized, more understanding, less impulsive, more courageous.

He also realizes that as a franchisee, he will continue to learn new things every day as he did when he was a brand ambassador. It is now a question of developing new skills such as the ability to make important decisions, human resources management or even the financial management of a company. The new entrepreneur now has new responsibilities with his employees, customers and brand representatives who work in collaboration with him.

Once you’re a franchisee, it’s different. We’re entering the big league. You have to learn how to train your employees, make pay slips and so on. And you try to take your business to another level.

Maxime’s goals

Passionate about music, the new company director plans to create a label to produce artists. He also wants to invest in real estate by buying his first apartment this year and then in the future opening his own real estate agency.

Concerning his Geninc franchise, Maxime plans to expand its network with an ambitious target of 40 brand ambassadors by the end of 2019, knowing that Maxime was accompanied by 12 brand ambassadors when it opened its franchise.

Maxime’s advice to a future franchisee

  • Stay focused on your objectives
  • Don’t waste your time because you can evolve much faster than you think
  • Don’t always take the easiest choices and get into areas of discomfort
  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • Do things consistently