After losing his job and his home, Julien was offered the opportunity to become a brand ambassador. Seduced by the field, the energy, and the opportunity for development, he gets 200% involved in his new career. After two years of work and two moves, he became the youngest franchisee of geninc.

At 18 years old, Julien is juggling his last year of high school with his night job in the restaurant business. After injuring his foot, he was forced to give up his job, which left him destitute. Following his convalescence, he applied for several jobs, including that of brand ambassador.

I liked the fact that I could be trained, and that I could become a salesman even if I had no experience. But I was convinced that this opportunity was not for me.

Julien is training to become a brand ambassador in Lille, along with other people from different backgrounds who, like him, are looking for an opportunity. Having no experience in sales, and not having studied, Julien stands out for his commitment and motivation. Despite his injury, he wants to prove to himself that he can succeed by giving his best, and impress his coach by becoming autonomous quickly.

I turned down a job in a restaurant because I was injured, but I limped onto the field. I did everything I could to prove to myself that I was worthy of the opportunity I was offered.

Julien was quickly noticed by the coaches of the Lille coworking hub for his energy and gradually learned the rigour necessary for a brand ambassador to develop and set an example. Surrounded by both his coach and his mentor, he progressed rapidly. After only three months as a brand ambassador, he is already coaching 7 people.

I did everything to become the best: I got more involved, I walked faster, I asked for more advice, and I took more risks.

When his coach and mentor leave for Lyon to open a new coworking hub, Julien is invited to follow them, which he accepts, “after 45 seconds of reflection”. In this new city, where everything has to be created, he assumes a new position as a coach which allows him to develop even faster.

After a training trip to Portugal where he met other brand ambassadors from all over Europe, Julien set himself a new goal: becoming a franchisee.

I have experienced terrible challenges during my development. Even in those moments my work was a refuge. I turned my sadness, anger and frustration into energy and good humour on the field.

One year later, after overcoming many professional obstacles and personal dramas, but never losing his motivation and professional attitude, Julien decided to move to Bordeaux to open a new coworking hub. He became the youngest geninc franchisee at only 20 years old.

Today, Julien coaches more than 35 brand ambassadors in Bordeaux. He does not intend to stop there, and wishes to participate in the expansion of geninc by sponsoring the opening of new franchises in the coming years. He also plans to invest in other companies in France and abroad.

I am passionate about this work. Before, I was doing a lot of odd jobs and having a hard time. Now I’m developing. I’m 20 years old and I’m an entrepreneur!

Julien’s advice to a future franchisee:

  • Challenge yourself
    Accept failure
    Find out how you can make a difference
    Develop the best version of yourself