After being a ski instructor, and a globetrotter, Jorik became a salesman, and then head of his own direct sales company for 9 years before becoming a Geninc franchisee.

As a teenager, Jorik gets tired of school. He finds it uninteresting, too easy and boring.

Following graduation from high school, he therefore chose to pursue a professional training in sports with the hope of becoming a professional footballer.

Unfortunately, the young football fan’s dream becomes impossible. He injures his leg and his injury stops him from becoming a top-level athlete.

“My family no longer believed in me because I hadn’t managed to become a professional footballer and I hadn’t pursued my studies. I wanted to prove them wrong, that I could always succeed without having studied.”

Jorik leaves school a year and a half later. Not because he will no longer be able to pursue his dream. But rather because the training is too theoretical and too easy for his taste. Moreover, he is not interested in the opportunities it offers.

At the age of 16, he decides to work as an intern ski instructor in Austria. In addition to coaching and interacting with clients, the young intern likes to see his students learn how to ski, and give the best of themselves in just one week. He therefore decides to become a full time instructor.

“It’s a very good feeling to see people learn fast.”

But after two years Jorik wants to travel, and sets off to discover various countries around the world. His adventures throughout the world allow him to meet with different cultures.

“I met very rich but disgusting people and very poor but wonderful people. Being in contact with new cultures has allowed me to learn great life lessons from them.”

Subsequent to his 3 years of travelling, Jorik returns to the Netherlands. As he’s only 21, his parents ask him to go back to school or to work to earn a living.

“My parents wanted me to work in sales. I never thought I would work in this field because sport was the only thing in my mind.”

Jorik obviously prefers to work and begins to search for a job. He becomes a salesman for a year, learns very quickly and succeeds in this field. He enjoys achieving his personal goals, evolving and learning more every day. He therefore decides to continue working in direct sales.

He finally opens his direct sales company fast forward only one year, which he manages and develops for 9 years, representing mostly energy brands.

“Through my travels, I have learned many things that have unconsciously allowed me to prepare for this activity.”

Afterwards 9 years of entrepreneurship and direct sales, Jorik discovers the success of Geninc franchises through his professional network. Seduced by the Geninc franchise model, its development and European expansion, he chooses to join our company by opening a geninc franchise in Antwerp to continue working in direct sales and bring his expertise in energy. This knowledge can indeed be an asset for the company since it is also active in this sector.

After nine years leading and developing his own company, the young entrepreneur has nothing to prove. But he still takes the risk of moving to another country and almost starting a new business from scratch. He places his trust in the Belgian market, which he finds interesting and promising.

“Working with a brand such as Geninc seemed to me to be much more promising because I can benefit from a large international professional network, advice from several other franchisees in the field of direct sales but also from daily support to carry out my projects as a franchisee.”

Jorik therefore left his life in Rotterdam to move to Antwerp and continue to work as a geninc franchisee, along with the other franchisees in the Belgian city.

Today, one of his main goals is to develop this new office but also to help other brand ambassadors to develop their business when their time comes.

Moreover, every time he achieves his weekly goals, Jorik rewards himself in a rather singular way:

“If I can reach my weekly goals, I’ll buy myself a nice pair of shoes. I put them behind my desk and I start to have a nice collection of shoes.”

Jorik’s advices to a future franchisee:

  • If you want to succeed you must be willing to work hard and make sacrifices.
  • Discover new cultures, it’s a great experience that will always serve you personally and professionally
  • Feel free to take risks, you may find unexpected opportunities