Born and raised in the Paris area, Jessim Chabane started as a Brand Ambassador at the age of 21 after having graduated from a language degree. Today, at the age of 23, after 2 years as a BA, Jessim opens his Franchise in Lyon

What was your background before you became a Brand Ambassador?

I did a lot of odd jobs where I had to “use my hands and not my head” in parallel with my studies: restoration, handling, delivery etc. and I wanted to do something where I used my head. So I applied to become a Brand Ambassador. I was immediately intrigued by the opportunities, and so I went for observation day, and here I am today, a Franchisee.

Your experience as a Brand Ambassador so far?

I gave it my all right away, I’m naturally competitive, so if others could do it, I could do it too! I really liked the fact that you can make a decent living very quickly and in proportion to the effort you put in. From the first three weeks I immediately had very good results. I was making my sales and I was making money, so everything was fine. Then Steve Shortt took me to meet some Franchisees in Belgium to see what was going on in other Franchises, but also in another country. I have seen many Brand Ambassadors from Lyon and everywhere else develop and become Franchisees. I thought, “If it worked for them, why not me?” So I stopped thinking short-term and started thinking long-term. Thanks to the development program and the help I received from Franchisees and other Brand Ambassadors, I quickly became a coach!

“I really liked the fact that you can make a decent living very quickly and in proportion to the effort you put in.”

Being a coach changed my vision of things as I now had other challenges: managing the human side of the people I was coaching. I have really changed during these years as a Brand Ambassador, I used to be very impulsive, now when there is a problem, I ask myself and think about the solutions before acting. All these things I owe to the practice in the field! 2018 was really the year of learning for me and 2019 the year of rewards.

What’s going to change now that you’re a Franchisee?

If I am a Franchisee today, it is because I have proven myself, so I will continue to give 100% as I always have done, with the added bonus of business management. The objective is not to win only once but to be constant, and for this I will take a maximum of information and advice. I am in a learning mindset and 2020 will be a year of learning for me!

“The goal is not to win just once but to be consistent.”

Your goal? Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years my goal is to be still growing and giving back the chance I was given to others by helping them become Franchisees. I also want to help my parents financially so that they can retire. In the short term, I want to be able to run my business well and I know I can count on Geninc to support me.

3 tips for a future Franchisee

  • Don’t fall into complacency and lead by example.
  • Try to have as many Brand Ambassadors as possible by your side.
  • Learn and network as much as possible, give advice to others.