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How to find a job without experience ? Our solution for the ambitious

Finding a job without experience is difficult for many, regardless of their level of education, or the number of internships they have been able to complete. And when they enter the job market, they all face the same problem: most companies recruit people with a minimum of 3 years’ experience on any job. Facing with this situation, many people give up or opt for bread and butter jobs with no prospects of development. Fortunately, there are companies that give beginners a chance and allow them to progress according to their ambitions.

Recruiting juniors with experience – a persistent paradox

The observation is irrefutable, and it is enough to browse the pages of a recruitment site to perceive it. Very often, companies require at least 3 to 5 years of experience before recruiting a person, which leaves little room for people wishing to enter the job market.

Some, in order to get around this problem, will engage in small jobs, or voluntary work. Others will take advantage of an unpaid or low-paid internship to gain as much experience as possible, even if it means paying for an internship agreement with a university abroad.

For many, this means struggling for several years before being able to access their dream job, event at an entry level.

Using your professional network to find a job without experience. A solution for some, a pipe dream for many.

Having a professional network can certainly help you find a job. But once again, it can only exist and grow as you gain experience. Without experience in any field, what professional network can you have?

In addition, some are fortunate enough to know people in their personal entourage that can get them a job, even if they don’t meet the hiring criteria for any position. Finding a job using your network is above all a matter of luck:

Morally, it’s not so much the fact that you don’t have a job that’s hard. The hardest thing is to see that people less involved than me who have found them, young people who have not been through as much education and who are working, because they know people.

Sectors that recruit without experience do not offer opportunities for development

According to two Apec studies, conducted in 2015 and 2017, 40% of young graduates could not find a job one year after their masters degree, and among those who managed to find it, 25% considered their job as a “food job”. A job, which did not correspond to their qualifications or disciplines.

It is true that some sectors, such as hotels and restaurants, construction, or cleaning, recruit without experience. However, in these sectors, even ambitious beginners are kept in often ungrateful positions, with few opportunities for advancement.

Investing in a private school: no guaranteed employment upon leaving

To give themselves a better chance of finding a job quickly after graduating, many students choose to study in prestigious and extremely expensive schools. Unfortunately, this investment is absolutely not guaranteed, as a former student of Skema Business School, a leading business school, can attest in an article in Le Figaro Etudiant in 2016:

I’m doing everything in my power to find out. My parents paid nearly 20,000 euros in tuition fees. It’s not to see me wandering the streets. I’m ashamed, I feel sorry for them.

Finally, regardless of the degree obtained, the sector of activity, (or the cost of the training taken) no one is immune from being unemployed. Since experience will always be missing from the CV and paradoxically, few companies give young graduates the chance to prove themselves and acquire their first real experiences.

Geninc: the solution to find a job without experience, and develop.

Fortunately, there are companies that recruit without regard to qualifications, or the number of years of experience of candidates, looking for motivation, a positive state of mind, and human qualities.

Geninc is one of those companies that gives a chance to all those who, including beginners, show potential to succeed in the sales industry.

Through sales training, and coaching sessions accessible to all those who wish to progress, geninc gives all independent salespeople the opportunity to develop new sales skills, and to take responsibility according to their level of ambition.

With geninc, I acquire all the skill I’ll use later to develop my projects, and to give others the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Timy – Antwerp

Independent salespeople who collaborate with geninc also have the opportunity to develop their professional network on a regular basis, particularly through networking events organised in Europe. During these trips, salespeople also have the opportunity to receive advice from the best entrepreneurs.

As self-employed, salespeople also develop entrepreneurial skills throughout their journey within geninc. They can also benefit if they wish to create their own business in the long term.

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