As he applies to become a Brand Ambassador only to acquire a firsthand experience in sales, Hamse ignores that he will seize the opportunities offered within our organisation, and put aside his carreer in finance to become an entrepreneur.

From finance to direct sales

Before becoming a Brand Ambassador, Hamse studied finance in Loughborough England, in order to become a banker. He still had no experience in direct sales, but already knew a few things in customer service from previous jobs.

As he applies to become a BA, Hamse wishes to improve his CV with real skills and experiences: he wants to learn how to sell himself, get his argument understood, and feel more comfortable talking to someone.

“There are skills you can’t learn in school. I was pretty shy at the time, and sales seemed to me like the best way to improve my social skills.”

Hamse gives himself six months to learn these few skills, and move on with his career in finance. As he only wants to learn sales, he’s not interested in all the opportunities our organisation offers.

However, working for himself as a BA, and taking control of his own future do open his mind to entrepreneurship, and he starts reconsidering his goal to become a banker. After the six month period he had given himself to learn sales, he decides to stay in our organisation and start following our development program.

Hamse commits to become better at sales, learning how to coach, then how to run and develop a business, before creating his own company when he feels ready.

“In big corporations, you must pile up years of labor and waits for someone to give you a promotion. It’s different here, you develop and take more responsabilities as you wish.”

Seeing other BA’s becoming entrepreneurs, Hamse is dedicated to fullfil his goal to become his own boss. Only three years after starting his career in sales, he opens his first office in Norwich, England.

“Indirectly, I’ve always known I could do it. I had seen other people succeed around me. They all had qualities, but they were normal human beings just like me. So I knew it was possible for me to succeed as well.”

When he coachs Brand Ambassadors, Hamse always commits fully with every person. At first, he expected the same level of commitment in return. But he quickly leared to become patient with everyone, and let people develop at their own pace.

“When I started coaching, I was rushing too much, and not mature enough myself to allow them to become the best version of themselves. Indeed I was generous with them. But I learned the hard way how to be patient too.”

Taking risks to seize the opportunity

After some time growing his business in England, and helping Brand Ambassadors develop, Hamse decides to move to Antwerp, seduced by the opportunities for our industry in Belgium.

When he settles in Belgium, Hamse must adapt to this new country, and build his business back up. Thanks to his experience from his years in England, he quickly recruits new Brand Ambassadors.
In only six months, he coachs about 50 people, and his business is thriving.

In 2017, Hamse becomes one of the first geninc franchisees in Belgium.

Hamse’s goals for the future

In 2020, Hamse plans to coach 200 BA’s, and sponsor the oppening of 8 new offices in Belgium, and other countries like Germany.

On a more personal note, Hamse wants to invest in real estate in Africa, to create a capital and offer a good life to his loved ones.

Hamse’s tips for a future franchisee

  • Listen carefully what experienced people tell you
  • Be yourself, and apply the same work ethic as your coach