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Geninc opens a new coworking hub in Mechelen, Belgium !

In June 2020, Geninc continues its expansion in Europe with the establishment of a ninth coworking hub in the city of Mechelen. Donavan De Vos, the man behind this new franchise in Mechelen, shares his first impressions of the city with us!and the brand representatives who followed him in this new adventure share their first impressions with us.

Geninc – Why did you choose Mechelen as the home for your first Co-working Hub???

Mechelen is located mid-way between Antwerp, where another Co-working hub is located, and Brussels, the largest city in Belgium, so really it was an easy choice! It’s also a very lovely city to live in!

Geninc- How do you feel about opening a Geninc franchise in a new city?

Over -excited :-)! It’s totally new for me, and a bit stressful as a new franchisee, but the other Belgian franchisees are not far away, and I have the whole Geninc network to support me. It’s a new challenge for me, and a real opportunity to learn as a business owner and coach. I intend to set an example for others who want to open coworking hubs in other cities in Belgium.

What is your goal for Mechelen?

I’m looking forward to being able to offer people living in Mechelen the opportunity to become Brand Ambassadors, and to help them develop and reach their goals, If any of these people wish to become their own bosses and open their Geninc franchise ,like I did, then I will be happy to help them as well!

My goal is to make Mechelen a major coworking hub for Belgium and Europe, with excellent coaches and BA’s who can then participate in our expansion to other cities in Belgium or even other countries!

Geninc (to the Brand Ambassadors) – How do you feel about this change of city?

Elsa –

I’m very excited about this new opportunity. I am very grateful & happy to be part of this and to see how a new franchisee settles into a new city. I can’t wait to see how quickly a small franchise can grow!



This is gonna be a great opportunity for me. A new environment, a new experience, new challenges. I will be able to take on new responsibilities more quickly because everything is yet to be created.


I’ve already moved to Mechelen ! I followed Donavan in this new adventure because I wanted to push myself and reach my goals. I know that Donavan can teach me a lot and I would also like to grow and open my own Geninc franchise soon. So this was the perfect opportunity!