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Geninc creates a new coworking hub in Toulouse!

In April 2019, Geninc continued its expansion in France, with the creation of a sixth coworking hub in the city of Toulouse. Valère Martin, the first franchisee to settle in this new city after two years of working in Marseille, and the brand representatives who followed him on this new adventure share their first impressions with us.


Why did you choose to create a new coworking hub in Toulouse?

Valère Martin:

It is a strategic decision. Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France. It is a major national and international hub for aerospace and pharmaceuticals, with a dense student population and an unemployment rate close to 9%, which is perfect for recruitment. In addition, the entrepreneurial spirit is very developed with a fantastic start-up creation rate ! one of the highest in Europe !
And not to spoil anything, the quality of life is very good, as much for food as for culture; we are in the city of Jazz, there is a little new French Orleans side here with a great social and cultural mix.


First day in Toulouse !

Geninc :

How do you feel, opening a new office after 2 years as a franchisee in Marseille?

Valère Martin :

That’s fantastic! I have long wanted to establish myself in a coworking that looks like me. A place where I can develop my know-how and face new challenges. I was happy to spend two years training with Arnaud Le Floch, it allowed me to test myself on coworking management and prepared us all to develop good work habits. We are ready to take up the challenge, we have prepared ourselves for this new adventure. Toulouse is both a challenge for me and for the salespeople who accompany me.

Most of the independent sellers who have settled in Toulouse have collaborated with us over the past 6 to 12 months and represented 3 different brands (charities and business). This gives them more self-confidence. They know that by coming to Toulouse they will be able to leave their comfort zones and become better versions of themselves.

Geninc (to the independent sellers) :

How do you feel about moving to a new city?

New “Toulousains” discover their new playground.

This is a real opportunity! Discovering a new city, new people in business, a new mentality is great! I am happy to share this with my team, I rediscover them day after day and it gives me many ideas for the future!

Teddy, 29 , Future Franchisee

The relocation offers me for the first time the opportunity to leave the family environment. This gives me a lot of independence, develops my skills and autonomy. That’s really great! Toulouse is a great city, the atmosphere is good and the people very open! We feel that good things are going to happen here.

Soifia, 21 , coach

I’m glad I moved to another city. I had planned to go to Nantes before meeting Geninc. This is one of the aspects that seduced me from the beginning, the opportunity to change horizons and to know new experiences strongly motivated me. I am ready to develop a major career.

Julien, 24 , coach

I am very comfortable with this change of city. This is an opportunity for me to take on responsibilities more quickly in this new office. On a personal level, I will continue to travel back and forth to Marseille to see my family and friends.

Isaac, 26, coach

Change is really good for me! Toulouse is a very dynamic city, there are many young people here looking for opportunities. We are next to Spain and Bordeaux, it’s perfect for my future expansion projects and networking. It’s a real opportunity to be among the first pioneers in a new city! It’s going to be fantastic!

Stéphanie, 20, Business coach

Discover our new coworking hub in Toulouse

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