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Portrait of Florent

After graduating from business school, and working a few years in marketing and advertisement, Florent becomes a Brand Ambassador. At this time he’s looking for new challenges and an opportunity to become entrepreneur. He finds out that he has a natural talent for sales and coaching, and becomes a franchisee after developing new skills for a few years.

Florent was one of the first persons recruited to become Brand Ambassadors at the opening of our Lyon coworking hub. At this time, he’s looking for a new challenge, after working a few years in marketing.

After spending his observation day in the field, under the pouring rain, his coach, who already sees a future franchisee in him, takes time to introduce him to the development opportunities offered to every Brand Ambassador.

Being already seduced by the coworking hubs’s atmosphere, and the energy of field work, Florent sets himself the goal of becoming a franchisee, even having become a Brand Ambassador!

I’ve always dreamed of having a special destiny. Becoming a great athlete, an artist, or an entrepreneur. I think geninc offers a framework and resources to people with the will to succeed.

Boosted by this goal, Florent understands there’s only one thing left for him to do in order to develop as fast as possible : doing sales!

Since his first week in the field, he appears to be very good at sales, and almost sets a new record for the coworking hub.

A few weeks later, he starts putting pressure on himself to maintain his good results, and looses his ease to speak face to face with a consumer. His coach reminds him to stay natural, forget about his sales figures, and always focus on establishing a human contact with everyone he meets. Something clicks in Florent, and he applies this advice every day ever since, with great results.

I like doing things I’m good at. If I haven’t been good, if I haven’t made enough money, I would have left. I’ve always had regular earnings. Because it’s easy!

Having mastered sales, Florent quickly develops new skills within the coworking hub. He becomes a sales coach and starts learning how to run a business.

To progress even quicker, he makes sure to always act as a leader, and takes responsibilities before anyone trusts him with them officially.

Florent builds his coaching style in opposition with every management techniques he has witnessed during his career in marketing. To gain respect from people he’s coaching, he leads the way in every domain, especially in the field. He also knows how to emphasize all the qualities of the salespeople he coachs, to push them to develop their abilities.

I have an issue with misplaced authority. I only value skills and experiences. I listen to the advice my mentor gives me because he has more experiences than me in a lot of domains!

With this state of mind, and this drive, Florent has become a franchisee in only 25 months. He now runs his own company in Lyon, and coachs around 30 Brand Ambassadors.

Today, he wishes to give others the opportunity he took, by helping people with the ambition to become entrepreneurs but who struggled to fit in the world of work.

My friends from business school all have great status. At some point, they looked down at me grinding in the field. Now it’s over. I’ve succeded my own way, and I deserve it 100%.

In a close future, Florent wishes to invest and create a concert bar in Lyon, and produce musical artists which need funding.

Florent’s tips to a future franchisee:

  • Don’t renounce on your life standards
  • Do it fully, or don’t do it – Your future is on the line!