Arrived from Palestine after graduating, Faisal is desperate to find a job that matches his value in France. Disapointed with the employment market’s reality, Faisal leaves his sales position to try his luck with geninc where he found what he was looking for the most: an opportunity for evolution and a reward for the work done.

The employment journey

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International trade, Faisal decided to leave Palestine to work in Europe. He first arrived in Sweden with his little brother where they became cameramen for a television channel. In addition to their new job, Faisal and his little brother lived for their passion for rap. They created their rap band in which they told about their life in Palestine but also how they left it. The two brothers’ rap band began to make itself known. Some time later, they were invited to France to do a tour.

Convinced that in France he would find more professional opportunities, Faisal decided to settle there. He then began to look for a job in the field of international trade but faced many difficulties because of his lack of experience. Indeed, most companies require at least 3 years of experience in their field. Unfortunately, he could not find a job that suited him, but he managed to be hired as a sales manager for a telecom service provider in Lille.

I loved my work, but there was no evolution. I always stayed at the same stage even if I made more effort than the others. And yet we all received the same salary, even if many were lazy. That’s what made me want to quit this job.

Faisal chose to abandon his position. He once again set out to find a job that would give him more recognition and development. He applies to all job offers he finds, even those for which he has no skills. From nursing to construction, Faisal tries his luck in all sectors.

I started applying everywhere to be able to live asI couldn’t go back to Gaza. I didn’t know anything about construction jobs. So when the construction companies called me, I would watch videos on youtube to learn things about the job. I arrived on the spot and applied what I had learned online and it worked.

Time for a new hope

Later, after applying for an independent salesman position with Geninc, Faisal was invited to an observation day in Lille. He thought he couldn’t do it at first because he didn’t speak French well, and the activity of an independent salesman implies having to speak a lot with consumers. During his observation day, Faisal teamed up with Graham Kelly, now a franchisee in Bordeaux, who also did not speak a word of French at the time.

The first few days were unforgettable. Graham and I went into the field together. We would knock on people’s doors without really being able to make ourselves understood. When he didn’t know what to say, he looked at me like he was saying “help me”. I looked at him like I was saying, “There’s nothing I can do for you.

Despite the language barrier, Faisal wants to become an independent salesman for several reasons. In particular, for the commission that interests him, he who wishes to be remunerated at its fair value. He also likes becoming independent and not having anyone who would impose anything on him. He also likes the atmosphere and the relationship between independent sellers and franchisees. But it is above all the mutual support between the organisation’s employees that makes him want to progress.

I preferred to work very hard for 3 years while evolving rather than remain an employee and stuck with the same remuneration and no evolution or recognition. In 3 years, I have done and learned a lot of things. And today I am my own boss.

Faisal quickly realizes the fruits of his efforts as an independent salesman, despite the linguistic difficulties he encounters. He was able to turn this disadvantage into an advantage when he saw Graham Kelly who started working as an independent salesman shortly before him and who had the same weak point as him:

I saw that he was able to make sales despite the language barrier. He applied and put into practice the advice of the coaches and it worked. I thought if he could do it then I could do it too. Because we have the same weak point: language but the same strong point: motivation, perseverance and then we were ready to work hard. So I had hope again.

What has changed since the Geninc adventure

By working with Geninc, Faisal has improved on many points and developed professional and human qualities.

  • He gained self-confidence, a confidence he had lost when he left his native country and arrived in a completely foreign country.
  • He has learned to organize himself better and become more productive
  • It has become more competitive, which has made it more efficient
  • His vision has changed, he now has a more ambitious and optimistic view of his future
  • She is no longer afraid of speaking in public in French
  • He has developed an ability to adapt to different situations
  • His activity as an independent salesman allows him to give others the opportunity to succeed by training them and in turn teaching them what he has learned.

I’m much more organized now that I’m an independent salesman. Before I did everything in freestyle mode. I’m a rapper so I used to do a lot of freestyle. Since then, I have learned to make my days more productive.

Faisal’s goals

Since becoming a franchisee, Faisal has only one goal in mind: to become Geninc’s best franchisee. He also wants to help other sellers become franchisees, and open a second office in Paris.

Recently fathered, Faisal wants to buy a house in Paris, where he opened his first franchise, to reunite his little family who still lives in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

Faisal would also like to pay 10% of his salary to charities that fight poverty and help immigrants.

He also wants to continue to help his family living in Palestine and his little brother who has returned there. Faisal would also like to tour Palestine and buy his grandfather’s house in the village where he was born.

Faisal’s advice to a future franchisee

  • Be patient and motivated at the same time
  • Never give up
  • Always believe it’s possible
  • Believe in yourself