After being laid of his event planner job in 2013, Domien takes a chance in our organisation by becoming one of the first Brand Ambassadors in the Antwerp Coworking hub. Only one year later, his perseverance allows him to open his own office.

Before becoming a Brand Ambassador (BA), Domien used to plan huge concerts and venues in Belgium. Until he’s asked to leave his job due to the recession.

He tries to start his own company in events, but despite his contacts, he doesn’t know how to run a company. Willing to learn, and with his goal in mind, Domien Applies to become a Brand Ambassador. Naturally seduced by the business development program, he sees an opportunity to acquire transferable skills.

I was lucky to be in a protective environment. Everyone around me wanted me to succeed. Because in the end everybody wins.

In 2013, when Domien starts his career as a Brand Ambassador in Antwerp, he is one of the first BA’s in the new coworking hub.

Without any sales experience, Domien doesn’t become good instantly. Being quite stubborn, he doesn’t listen to his coach’s advices, and becomes frustrated not to be part of the best people in the office.

His coach understands his mindset, and lets him learn from his own mistakes. Slowly but surely, Domien notices he was wrong to factor in the tips he was given. After a month,watching people around him succeed, he starts changing his attitude.

I don’t mind making mistakes and picking myself up. That’s the best way to learn !

Despite the obstacles along the way, Domien hangs on to his new career, motivated by his goal : becoming financially independent and develop his own events company. He knows that being a Brand Ambassador will allow him to reach this goal.

Thanks to his new mindset and great tips from his coach, Domien manages to put his strong personality in use for his sales, and gets great results. Once the sales part mastered, he faces a second challenge: coaching and training new Brand Ambassadors. He’s facing a new challenge : having to deal with different profiles and personalities who differ from his. Domien has to train to become a valid copyable model to all the BA’s he coaches.

After working on his coaching methods for a few months, Domien manages to become more empathic and open with others, what makes him a more personable and relatable coach. In 2014, manages to open his own office in the Antwerp coworking hub.

When I opened my office, I felt like the king of the world. But I had still so much to learn. And I still do!

Domien progresses rapidly and sets himself a new objective : becoming the number 1 office in Europe. He will manage to keep the first position for 8 months with the 45 BA’s he’s coaching.
One year later, Domien moves to Liege to bring his help to another franchisee for the launch of a new campaign. As he takes a step away from his office in Antwerp, he loses sight with the Brand Ambassadors he was coaching there. But he comes back right in time to pick his company up.

Today, Domien is about to settle in France, to develop the energy sector, along with Brand Ambassadors experimented in this industry.

Domien’s goal is to become financially independent and stop working at the age of 40, to focus on other projects: He dreams of travelling around the world, first class, and buying a castle in Borgloon, Belgium, where he will organize venues and a music festival.

I stayed because I was too stubborn to quit, and I wanted it to work for me. If other people could do it, so could I !

Domien’s tips to a future franchisee :

  • Take the first step.
  • You are in control of your own destiny when you work for yourself.
  • Make mistakes.