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Portrait of Delphine

This budding young entrepreneur joined our organisation while taking a break from medical school and looking to develop herself personally. Years on, she is on form working to drive her own business and becoming a geninc franchisee.

Delphine has had exemplary results in our organisation, opening her own franchise less than three years after starting her career as a brand ambassador.

Delphine was recruited into our organisation after a difficult fourth year of medical school. During this year she had the realisation that the visions she had of her “dream job” were not matching up to it’s reality. The students around her had an elitist mentality, in which she didn’t recognize herself.

Since childhood, I’ve always been dreaming of becoming a humanitarian doctor, but it’s not a job title, only a temporary mission.

Doubts were firmly in her mind about her career at this point. After years of pursuing this career, going on humanitarian missions since she was 16, with a heavy heart she decided that becoming a doctor no longer was the path she was going to take.
Joining the business on a whim, Delph was planning on only staying in the business for six months or so. The most she was expecting at this time was to make some money for a trip she was planning on taking as well as acquiring some sales skills.

Delphine took to the office environment amazingly and was impressed with the positive mentality and culture. She emerssed herself in this and surrounded herself with the best examples around her.

I was expecting to meet sales people and what I actually discovered was all of these ambitious people with a real will to become entrepreneurs, with big dreams, and a full life plan.

Enticed by this positive environment and such enthusiastic people makes her want to dive fully in to the job, to learn from the best and to develop herself personally and professionally.

On top of the positive environment Delphine loved being surrounded by so many entrepreneurs and representing the best brands out there.

I had that same feeling you have when you’re 12: the impression that you’re able to conquer the world. Unless this time, it was possible.

Another perk for Delphine was all of the travel involved with being in the business, after only a few months she had been on enough trips to curb her travel bug.

Travel is the best way to learn new things. As a brand ambassador, I’ve taken a lot trips and I’ve met a lot of people who taught me great things.

Delphine came to the point that she had the option to go back to medical school or continue her career as a brand ambassador. She’s on the edge of her decision and at a stage that she was less involved in the office. After speaking with her coach, she decided to see what results she could get if she truly committed herself.

While this was happening she was selected to get involved in the tests to expand our organization to France. After this she decided to stay within our organization, and was introduced with the idea of moving to France, to help in the development of the geninc network.

In April 2015, one year after she’s started her career she moved to Lille and had to start back as a brand ambassador in a new office. It was a real change for Delphine, but she managed to build her personal network in less than a year. Two months later she became one of the first French franchisees and the first female franchisee in the history of geninc.

This young entrepreneur won’t stop here! Her goal over the next two years is to have sponsored the opening of 5 new franchises in the biggest French cities. After that she’s planning to conquer north America.

Aftre all of this Delphine hasn’t forget her humanitarian calling. She’s preparing a project to open an orphanage in Africa to offer them protection and education.

If no one laughs at your goals, they’re not big enough

Her advice to a future franchisee:

  • Give yourself time to succeed
  • Talent isn’t the key. Only determination pays
  • Always want more, don’t let good enough be the enemy of better