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Portrait of Charlotte

As she realized she couldn’t progress anymore, Charlotte left her sotre manager job in search of new professional opportunities and became a Brand ambassador in our organisation. Despite many roadblocks and a pregnancy, this indestructible entrepreneur is now leading the largest of our offices in Belgium.

At 22 years old, Charlotte enjoys a stable situation that many would dream about. Director of a shoe store, she nevertheless decides to leave her position because she cannot evolve anymore on a professional level. She is therefore applying for new opportunities including a brand ambassador offer within our organization for which she will be selected.

Despite having mixed feelings regarding direct sales at first, she decides to go into this career anyway. Because she is interested in business development program and the professional opportunities she’s being offered.

During my observation day, I told myself that I was not qualified enough. I did not want to knock on doors and sell things to people. But I gave myself one year to succeed, evolve, then open my own office.

When Charlotte starts her career as a brand ambassador (BA), she quicly stands out in the coworking hub. She listens to other people’s advices. Her energy in the field and his involvement allow her to get great results in sales very quickly.

But recruitment and coaching are much harder for her. Not having enough experience, Charlotte coaches new brand ambassadors being only focused on her own evolution. Which doesn’t work. She realizes that she must focus first on the BA’s progression if she wants to achieve her own goal.

I understood that I only succeeded if I took into account the development of other people, not just mine.

Charlotte becomes more patient, and learns to be a good educator for other BAs. She even changes her way of working with them: now she reacts the opposite of what generally expect. She remains very calm when others would get upset or mad. This new method works and Charlotte gets better at coaching people she recruits.

A few months later, Charlotte opens her first office but her first six months are very challenging because she is going through a really hard time on a personal level. Despite this, Charlotte does not allow herself a single day off. In the office, she entrusts more and more responsibilities to the Bas she’s coaching, according to their objectives so that they become more autonomous and evolve at their own pace.

I always had to be there for the BAs that I was coaching and motivate them so they would not give up at the first bump on the road.

In the first months after opening her office, Charlotte wants to grow too fast and recruits up to 24 people a week. However, she is not yet mature enough to coach so many people. As a result, she loses 12 BAs in a short period of time. This moment is very difficult to manage for her. She even thinks of giving everything up because nothing is going well for her, personally or professionally.

With these thoughts in mind, Charlotte confides in August, her mentor, who makes her realize that she acts too emotionally. He then advises her to be realistic, and reassures her by reminding her that it is normal for her to meet so many difficulties. He also tells her that he has also been there and that it is precisely by overcoming all these obstacles that she will move forward and get wiser.

August’s background and personality certainly reminded me that it was possible to succeed. On the other hand, the atmosphere and the joy in the office also made me want to stay.

After confiding in August, Charlotte bounces back and plans to relaunch his office. Nevertheless, some day later she finds out that she is 22 weeks pregnant. Having never seen this case arise in the office, she thinks she may have to leave the organization. Which worried her a lot because her business was just starting to become stable again.

But Charlotte can take as much leave as she wishes since she is independent. She decides to give herself 4 months of maternity leave.

She takes advantage of this period to take a step back from her business and rethink the way she manages it. During this period, Abdel, a former Belgian franchisee, teaches her to choose the right people during recruitment and to coach them. He recommends her that she surround herself only with motivated people who will take responsibility and help her. Apon her return from maternity leave, Charlotte is completely ready to relaunch her office. With Abdel’s support, this young mother manages to grow her business and now runs the largest office in Belgium.

I could not leave at that time. I did not work hard on the field for a year to stop everything so close to the goal. I am not someone who gives up easily.

Today Charlotte has plenty of goals. She wants to continue to help people but also businesses to grow while being a good mom for her daughter. She would also like her business to be continually prosperous thanks to the 40 brand ambassadors who are there to help her achieve this goal. Finally, she especially hopes to become an example for all other moms who wish to become entrepreneurs.

Charlotte’s tips to a future franchisee:

  • Always be open-minded
  • Be concerned about others
  • Never give up before you’ve tried