Attracted by the sales industry, August always knew he wanted to run his own company. After becoming a Brand Ambassador, he manages to achieve one of his biggest goals within our organization: expand his business at the international level, while being a pioneer and a role model for all the other Band ambassadors.

As he graduates from college in Australia, August still doesn’t know where he wants to work, or what job would suit him. He only wants the job of his dreams to allow him to be independent, and to be around the sales industry. So, he decides to travel around the world until he finds the job which will tick all these boxes.

In 2010, as he travels through the UK, he hears about our organization, and how it’s like to be a Brand Ambassador. He’s attracted by the opportunity to develop his sales skills, and access our free business development program. But what interests him the most are the evolution opportunities offered to every BA, which can lead them to create their own company.

When I found out that I could get free coaching on how to be successful, like sales, leadership, coaching, finance and management, it didn’t take me a second to make up my mind.

August’s first two months as a Brand Ambassador are a tough time for him. He doesn’t manage to become a good at sales. Devastated by his results, he’s even thinking of stopping is activity.

Nonetheless, he decides to stay and trust his coach. He follows every single advice he’s given to succeed, and watch his results improve. From this moment, Augusts develops quickly and takes responsibilities in the office. He starts coaching Brand Ambassadors, and learns more about business management and business development. In only nine months, he manages to create his own company.

Copy those who are better than you, but with a bigger work ethic, so you surpass them. Take what’s working for them and perfect it

His company flourishes, which allows him to open two other offices across Ireland. On a personal level, his business is profitable enough for him to pay for his brother and sister’s education. Despite his wish to move back to Australia with his family, August stays in Ireland to fulfill his goal: go even further, and excel in our industry to make his father proud.

This young entrepreneur wishes to expand his company and our organization beyond the Irish borders. That’s why he chooses to move to Antwerp, where he opens a new office. In Belgium, he will be at the heart of central Europe, and easily keep touch with his business in Ireland. August wishes to contribute in the expansion of our organization in other countries such as France and the Netherlands.
After developing his business in Antwerp, August oversees the opening of new offices in France by highly experienced Brand Ambassadors and entrepreneurs he had coached in Ireland.

When we arrived in Belgium, we were only two in the office. Today, we work with more than 100 Bas in Belgium, over 200 in France, and we keep growing.

But August des not settle for this successful expansion. He wants to prove himself able to run a company in different countries while maintaining a high revenue. He also wants to become a role model for all the entrepreneurs and Brand Ambassadors in our organization.

Take a chance! There is no harm in trying. The worst choice you could make is to do nothing

Today, August plans to open 20 new offices across the world: In Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Morocco, and California. After achieving this little world tour, he foresees himself going back to Australia, and retire before he turns forty.

Augusts’ tips to a future franchisee:

  • It requires a lot of work for something to look easy. Don’t be fooled! To succeed you do need to work hard.
  • Be a good student, and you’ll be an excellent coach.
  • Have fun, enjoy the experience.