With his sights set high on becoming a pilot, Arnaud was originally attracted to our organisation to fund his training and education. Now an unstoppable force within our network, Arnaud has been instrumental in the development of France & Belgium as well as currently managing Liege and Marseille

After dreaming of becoming a fighter jet pilot Arnaud unfortunately found the reality of being in the armed forces to be a lot different to what he imagined. Still passionate about flying he moved to Bristol to pursue a career in commercial flying, at the same time starting in our organisation.

It was Arnuad’s friend that introduced him to our business, which Arnaud looked at as an opportunity to develop his sales skills and learn how to sell himself.

Arnaud took to the co working hub environment like a duck to water. He embraced the atmosphere and culture, reveled in the daily sales coaching and was an active contributor early on in the meetings.

I was bad at sales, and I had no one to coach yet, so I became ambiance manager.

Arnaud’s personality was a core part of his development. His approachable and friendly disposition got him sales results and meant people in his network wanted to stick around him. The opportunity to become a business owner appealed to Arnaud so much he decided to fully commit this new dream. His focus had changed and now all his efforts were going into expanding his personal network and moving into France and Belgium.

Arnaud’s motivation and work ethic was unquestionable at this time but his sponsor recognized his business experience was lacking. Arnaud disagreed and despite only being relatively new in the organisation he knew he was ready to open an office. He knew he was out of his depth opening a brand new office in Belgium, but knew he could rise to the challenge.

It was a real challenge. I had to implement and adapt our organization’s system for the French market.

In 2011 Arnaud opened his first company within our organisation while laying the foundations for his Belgian network. With France still being his end goal, Arnaud jumped at the opportunity to get involved with the field test that were starting in France. More motivated than ever Arnaud built the first co working hub in France alongside Steve Shortt.

My coach always told me : “The business is going to expand to France. If it’s not with you, it will be with someone else.

In October 2016 Arnaud moved from North to South France to open a co-working hub in Marseille which has now grown to have 70 brand ambassadors at a rapid rate.

My childhood friends haven’t changed since high school. They chose the easy way to live, but are stuck in their routine. I’m moving forward. I’m building something.

Today, Arnaud continues his geninc journey in Marseille with his sights set on expanding to Morocco and developing the training/education side of our franchise network.

I see geninc as a sales and entrepreneurship school. Like a free MBA, in continuous training, with real field practice.

Beyond geninc, Arnaud has been developing for years a project to create a stratospheric airline, which would be a revolution in the transport industry, allowing the passengers to fly from Paris to Tokyo in one hour. Arnaud, who always wanted to be a pilot and an astronaut, might be getting closer to the stars by leading this new company.

Most people are only worrying about tomorrow, thinking their future will be brighter anyway. I try to be optimistic on short term, and rational on long term.

His advice to a future franchisees :

  • Take it step by step and set yourself new goals every day
  • Put pressure on your future
  • Train. It takes 10 000 hours to become an expert