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Portrait of Antoine

Thirsty for knowledge and personal development, Antoine became a franchisee only two years after starting as a Brand Ambassador. If his first steps were not easy, he knew how to persevere in order to evolve and make the most of his experience.

Your story before becoming a Brand Ambassador?

I studied commerce because it has always attracted me. I went to the IAE in Lille. Then I worked as a buyer, I did 3D printing. In fact, I always liked to work, I started to pay for my own vacations at 16. And in France, I noticed that many people don’t enjoy working, they are often there out of spite. it’s a mentality that I didn’t really like. I wanted to change, to see something else. That’s why I went abroad, I drove 5000 km to Montenegro and I stayed 6 months in Canada.

I always liked work, I started to pay for my own vacations at 16.

Your experience as a Brand Ambassador?

At first it was hard. But I had a really good coach who still inspires me today.
And then I discovered the roadtrips, a great atmosphere! You get the most out of it with the team: we are free, we have a good time.
I like, for example, to walk alone in the countryside very early in the morning before making breakfast for everyone, and going on the field. It’s really a week of renewal and where you can make a ton of sales.

Beyond the road-trips, I especially appreciate this culture of going the extra mile. We want to explode the scores in the field to achieve our goals. I remember my record, making 1200€ in a week.
With a minimum of effort and learning, it’s bound to go well. But if you give it your all, the reward is tenfold.
It’s a bit like a soccer match, at the end you have no energy left, but you still give it all in the last seconds. It’s an extra effort, more mental than physical, but it’s really worth it!

Geninc is a real source of knowledge, where you can even “cheat”. At school, if we copy the best student we get kicked out. With Geninc, we can copy the method of a successful BA, and it works.
Everybody is very good at something, so if you take the best of each person, you have the best of everything.

I especially appreciate this culture of going the extra mile. We want to explode the scores on the field to achieve our goals.

What will change now that you are a franchisee?

I want to share my knowledge, my experience and my vision, to show that it is possible to succeed by being serious AND having fun. I want to support and develop the BA’s I’m coaching and have an impact on their personal and professional development. We learn so many things, knowing how to sell yourself is useful for everything. I even have people who thank me and call me coach even though they are not BA’s anymore. But that’s because everything they learned with Geninc is still useful to them.

It’s possible to succeed by being serious AND having fun.

What is your goal? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I really appreciate training people, coaching them. It’s what I love most and it’s why I get up in the morning. At the beginning, my goal was to save 100k€, but the more I move forward, the less I’m interested in doing so. Instead, I plan to use Geninc as a springboard for my next project, which is to teach in the fields of behavioral analysis, leadership and emotional intelligence. I want to make an impact and revolutionize the education system.

Je veux avoir un impact et révolutionner le système de l’apprentissage.

3 tips for a future franchisee?

  • If you see a door opening, step inside even for a brief moment just to see what’s inside. Don’t underestimate yourself, try and go for your next opportunity.
  • Enjoy every moment, celebrate every victory, learn and have fun with every mistake.
  • Never stop learning and become a better version of yourself every day.