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Portrait of Anthony

At the age of 28, and after 3 years as Brand Ambassador in Lyon and Paris, Anthony joined the Geninc franchise network by creating his own company in the coworking hub of Montreuil. This former shy student chose the independence and atmosphere dear to Brand Ambassadors, after several disappointing experiences in the corporate world. He was able to take advantage of this opportunity to develop personally and build his skillset as a coach, and today start his new life as an entrepreneur.

Your story before becoming a Brand Ambassador?

Before starting as a BA with Geninc, I was a sales and marketing student in Lyon. I went through a bachelor’s and master’s degree and I graduated at the age of 24. During my studies, I did several internships in different companies in Lyon and each time I was surprised or disappointed by what I saw in the corporate world. I saw people being promoted simply for their seniority. A lot of hypocrisy and false proximity. An environment where people competing instead of being encouraged to work together. I was still very young and felt so distant from the desires and expectations of my coworkers at the time.

I told myself that I didn’t really want to become an employee because I would have to wait for someone to give me a promotion, to always have to report to a manager. When I graduated, I discovered the opportunity offered by Geninc and the fact that I was going to be self-employed appealed to me.

Your experience as a Brand Ambassador?

The first thing that struck me was the atmosphere. Arriving for the first time in a coworking hub can be a shock. It’s a particular energy and a great atmosphere, which means that in 3 years I’ve never woken up one morning thinking “oh no, I have to go”. I experienced the Sunday night blues when I was a student. Not once since I became a Brand Ambassador. When I started, I was looking for a first experience and to have fun. I was quite reserved, not to the point of never talking, but I never put myself forward. Talking to dozens of people every day in the field really helped me overcome my shyness and develop my self-confidence. After a few weeks developing my sales skills I started to receive a comfortable income, which has only increased since then. I have always been one of the most successful and regular salespeople in France.

With Geninc, you feel free, you feel good. It’s this atmosphere and this good mood that makes me smile every day.

So I quickly began to share my knowledge with other Brand Ambassadors, and it was really coaching that made me realise that I loved this opportunity and that I wanted to develop. Helping someone achieve their goals is the most rewarding thing I know. I’ve always had good relationships with the people I’ve coached. Passing on my skills, showing them that I have confidence in them and their abilities, and making sure they were having a good experience. This is my method. I’m always there to show them how I do it, to show them how easy sales can be.

For me, winning is not being the best at all costs. It’s about reaching the goal I’ve set myself.

What is going to change now that you are a franchisee?

For me, my journey really starts now. For some people, becoming a franchisee is a goal. For me, it is only the first step of my journey. What changes is above all the way I am perceived, the way others look at me. Of course it comes with its share of responsibilities. I have to set an example, and I am even more responsible than before for the people I coach. Which I think will make me even prouder to see them develop.

The coworking hub is a place to learn, enjoy and appreciate. This is how I’d like the people I coach to feel.

It’s a new role for me, which will require me to be a little more organised. I will be managing my first employee, making sure that she too is in a good working atmosphere. I’m going to make sure I run a sustainable business. I’ve been preparing for this for 3 years, and even more intensely throughout the year. I am well surrounded and I have confidence.

Your goal? where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Oh in 5 years? Maybe in a new and even bigger coworking, in Paris! I’m not going to make big bold plans, especially in these uncertain times, I’m more the type to follow my lucky star. We’ll see where it takes me !

Above all, I want to organise myself better so that I can devote more time to my personal development. Working on new things like languages. So that I don’t get stuck when I travel or meet new people. To be able to speak fluently with anyone! In two years’ time I’ll be 30, and by then I want to be at the head of a company that’s doing well, to speak several languages and to travel as much as possible.

If my business is successful, my lifestyle will also change. I have a penchant for beautiful watches, beautiful bags, beautiful shoes… And I would like to invest in real estate with my family, starting with a nice flat in Paris, with a beautiful view and a terrace to enjoy it.

3 tips for a future franchisee?

  • Never give up.
  • Don’t be afraid of not knowing how to do something.
  • Have fun at all times. Take the energy from the field and the coworking hub to boost you.