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Advancement opportunities: where to find career opportunities

Despite the advantages of professionally developing their employees internally, few companies are inclined to be in this evolutionary perspective. Geninc not only offers development prospects to independent sellers who wish to evolve, but also supports them throughout their career through numerous free devices accessible to all.

Low chances of professional evolution within the same company

After at least 2 years working in a company, an employee generally wishes to see his status, responsibilities and income evolve.

Moreover, one of the main reasons employees leave a company is the lack of a career development opportunities in their company or service.

“I worked in many industries, but every time something was wrong: the salary, the manager, the slow evolution… Each time I was wasting my time, so I left.”

Graham Kelly

According to an INSEE study, internal mobility, career development within the same company, represents only 27% of job changes. As for external mobility, job changes to new companies, they represent 33% of job changes. Finally, mobility resulting in unemployment or inactivity accounts for 40% of mobility. It is therefore still not very frequent to evolve within the same company.

According to another INSEE study, four out of ten internal transfers involve a promotion and 56% of internal job changes are accompanied by a salary increase. In addition, professional development is more likely to be accompanied by increased compensation when it is done internally rather than externally, where the employer may not necessarily be involved. It is therefore more advantageous for an employee to work for the same company than elsewhere.

Many factors hindering professional progress

According to the study “The Workforce View in Europe 2018”, in Europe and regardless of age, the main barrier to professional evolution is age for 20% of respondents.

Moreover, major internal career opportunities rarely present themselves to an employee before he or she turns 45.

Half of workers under 25 leave their jobs within their first 4 years. The 30-34 year olds are also 50% to leave their jobs but after a period of 15 years in the company.

The second reason that drives a company’s employees to leave is the lack of professional opportunity that the company offers. 9% of respondents mention the lack of opportunity as an obstacle to their professional development.

It should also be noted that the presence of development opportunities depends on the size of the company. Unfortunately, most of small companies do not offer career development opportunities to their employees, which are generally offered in large groups.

Finally, 7% of respondents believe that favouritism is the main obstacle to their progress within their company.

Training that promotes career development

Fortunately, some companies have seen the importance and advantage of keeping an employee by offering him or her a promotion that is sometimes accompanied by an increase in remuneration. Moreover, by not leaving room for development prospects, companies take the risk of losing talent. And among these talents, ⅓ belong to Generation Y, which is considered to be demanding because it does not hesitate to negotiate on remuneration, working conditions and professional development.

Moreover, young people discuss career development prospects from the very first interview. This is why it is all the more important for companies not to neglect internal developments and to give them priority over new recruitments.

To do this, companies rely on training that will enable their employees to acquire new skills that are essential to their possible new missions.

“Retaining our employees and supporting them towards new responsibilities is an important challenge”

Patrick Lassalle, Head of Human Resources

In order to achieve an increase in skills, it is possible to turn to the CEP (Conseil en Évolution professionnelle). It is a free and external system for companies that allows anyone wishing to assess their professional situation, professional development and skills to be supported. The CEP provides individualized information on the training and facilities available to everyone, in particular with the aim of defining a development strategy according to their desires.

Geninc offers career evolution opportunities

With Geninc, independent salespeople have the opportunity to evolve regardless of their age or seniority. Their evolution is defined by their ambition, the responsibilities they decide to take on, and their results.

As they progress, independent sellers gain responsibility and also see their potential revenues increase.

Moreover, to evolve, independent sellers are not left to their own devices. They benefit from training that helps them to develop their skills throughout their career. These trainings are provided by coaches who help them to monitor their progress and improve on a daily basis in many areas.

These independent salespeople who receive training have the opportunity themselves, if they so wish, to train other independent salespeople. The training courses are diverse and varied: there are some around personal development, sales and team management.

In the long run, independent sellers can evolve to become entrepreneurs if they wish. They will then become franchisees and will always be supported even after starting their own business. In order to make their franchise a successful business, franchisees will continue to benefit from training and advice, particularly in financial management, human resources management and strategic management. (link to the page become an entrepreneur)

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