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5 reasons to choose Geninc when you are a student!

IIf you are a student looking for a flexible way to make some money, you’ve come to the right place! Geninc gives you the opportunity to grow financially at your own pace, but not only that. Explanations 👇


With Geninc, you are independent. This status allows you to keep your benefits as a student while having an income linked to your activity with Geninc. With this self-employed status, you also become your own boss and the only person to whom you are accountable. But you benefit from support all along the way to help you perform better and grow. This freedom also allows you to set your own goals and limits.


When you start with Geninc, you become an independent brand ambassador. You can then manage your schedule as you wish. For example, you can choose to be present only a few days a week if your schedule is restrictive. In any case, it will be possible for you to earn money with the activity as long as you are motivated.

For everyone

By the way, being a brand ambassador is easy! There are resources and coaches to support you and help you grow at any time. You don’t need a degree or even experience to start. As said before, the only thing that counts and will make the difference is your motivation. We believe in everyone’s talent and believe that anything is possible for those who want it and give themselves the means.


With Geninc, the number one rule is to grow and develop in every way. In addition to being surrounded by motivating and inspiring people every day in the field, many events and trips are organised. The BA awards, for example, allow brand ambassadors to be rewarded according to their results, but there are also BA Meet Ups and Entrepreneur Meet Ups, which allow you to meet Geninc franchisees from elsewhere. Road trips, meetings, discovery of new countries… All these are part of the opportunities of any ambassador.

No limits

With Geninc, there is no ceiling. Everything is based on merit! If you are motivated, you can hope to earn a lot of money and even take on responsibilities. For example, you can become a business coach by coaching and advising new BA’s. And if you want to go even further, it is also possible to open your own franchise wherever you want!