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5 misconceptions about door-to-door sales

Are you interested in direct sales but don’t know what to expect? Here are 5 more reasons to become a Brand Ambassadors, and misconceptions that exist out there.

Misconception no. 1 : “Door to Door is out of fashion”.FALSE.

Next to digital and the new modes of communication, Door to Door could seem quite bland. However, it has an asset that all the others don’t have: Face to Face communication. An infallible way to better understand your consumers, but also to gain credibility. Brand Ambassadors take the time to walk, explain and exchange with each person. A personal approach that consumers value more and more!

Misconception no. 2: “Door to Door sales are poorly paid”.FALSE.

Brand Ambassadors benefit from uncapped revenues,no fixed salary, but no limits on revenue you can generate either! Bonus: You can take advantage of free coaching to improve your sales skills and improve your results quickly!

Misconception no. 3: “Door to Door is repetitive”.

Do you think Door to Door is limited to… knocking on doors?

In reality, it’s much more than that: coaching sessions, training, events and ! Not to mention the unique encounters to be made every day. All the conditions are in place for personal and professional growth. In short, it far from the mondane, it’s impossible to get bored!

Misconception no. 4 : “There is no prospect of evolution in Face to Face sales”. FALSE.

Personal growth and development is Geninc’s priority.Whatever your goals, a real career is possible in coaching, sharing your know-how,or perhaps in Entrepreneurship by becoming a franchisee! Opportunities are not lacking in Direct Sales with Geninc.

Misconception n°5: “Door to Door sales are frowned upon”. FALSE.

The goal of the new generation of Brand Ambassadors is to focus on human contact. Their goal is to have constructive exchanges, to have a good time with consumers by presenting them a product, a service, or a cause. Thanks to the efforts of companies like Geninc, Door to Door marketing is gaining popularity with brands and consumers alike.

What you need to remember :

More than ever, brands and consumers want and need human contact in our post COVID-19 ultra-digitalized world, Face to Face selling is booming and is becoming a real professional springboard.

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