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5 Good reasons to get out of your comfort zone

Do you find that your days are summed up in the famous adage “metro-work-sleep” and would you like it to change? If so, know that you have everything to gain by stepping outside your comfort zone.

As its name suggests, the comfort zone corresponds to all these everyday situations that are familiar to you and without potential dangers. Leaving it often seems complicated because it can mean finding yourself in a new, uncomfortable situation.
However, if you try to get out of it from time to time, you may be pleasantly surprised and have the opportunity to have an exciting experience.
There are many ways to get out of your comfort zone. Go to work by bike, fly in a hot air balloon, speak in public or simply choose a dish that you have never tasted in a restaurant…

In short, to get out of your comfort zone, all you have to do is do something you’re not used to doing and that can scare you.

Discover 5 advantages to step out of your comfort zone

1. You will gain confidence in yourself

Every time you dare to do something you never imagined you would succeed one day and succeed in doing it, you will be extremely proud of yourself. This is how your confidence will grow. This will expand your comfort zone. As a result, your desire to gain new experiences and skills will increase.

Part of the lack of self-esteem comes from this habit of not daring. Brand ambassadors leave their comfort zone every day. Especially when they meet consumers, and exchange with new people every day. A brand ambassador who does not dare to go to a stranger on the first day, but who trains to do so for several days, will eventually introduce himself confidently to new people.

2. You will face your greatest fears

Your fears often prevent you from realizing your biggest dreams and moving forward. Whether it is the fear of failure, of external judgment or just of change, it sets in and grows behind your habits. But once the individual has embarked on a new project, fear gradually dissipates and gives way to development and success. This is why engaging in an unusual task is usually the most difficult step towards a new future.

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The first time a person dares to speak in public is the most challenging time for them. That is when she will face fear and will have to fight it. But by tackling this new challenge and getting into the habit of doing so, this fear will be driven away and speaking in public will be child’s play. It is the same for any other new experience.

Fear is just a wall. You go through it and all the possibilities are there. Absolutely all of them! – Timy

3. Your life will be all the more exciting

Living the same daily routine every day leads to negative emotions such as boredom and laziness. Indeed, routine does not offer many emotions that are beneficial to human development and well-being except for tranquility and security. It is for this reason, moreover, that the comfort zone is compared to a golden prison. And if you stay there, it is for the simple and good reason that you find a certain tranquility even if you get tired of your routine. We remain blocked in our personal advancement.

Getting out of your comfort zone is synonymous with adventure and learning.
Do you have your bucket list? So, what’s the first adventure you’re going to have?

4. You will enjoy every moment of your life

When you start to regularly step out of your comfort zone, you will quickly realize that your days will be much more interesting and unique than they were when your days were an eternal repetition. It is for this reason that you will be determined to enjoy and live every moment of your life to the fullest. This desire, but also the desire to always do more, to learn more will be more present when you realize that you are able to do many more things than you thought.

You won’t want to spend all your weekends moping around on the couch. Your time will seem too precious, and you will try to spend every second doing what you love, and loving what you do.

5. You will discover your hidden talents

Never trying anything new again condemns you to remain stuck at the same level and to depend on others. You may be missing out on many opportunities. Maybe you even have a hidden gift! But you’ll never know if you don’t undertake the projects you’re interested in. And maybe you have no hidden talents, but you could become the best in your field by training.

Let’s take an example – Stan Lee, creator of Marvel comics, wrote his first comic strip “Les quatre fantastiques” at only 39 years old. Previously, he designed educational posters for the US military. This did not prevent him from creating iconic characters and developing the world’s largest comic book studio.

Just because things are difficult doesn’t mean we don’t dare, it’s because we don’t dare that they are difficult. – Seneca