We enable brands to grow the most efficient way : by introducing them directly to the masses.


Our job is to introduce brands to the masses! Our unique franchisee network allows our brands to develop their popularity and achieve their commercial goals.

By meeting potential customers during dedicated events or directly at their home we implement marketing campaigns to sell products and services or recruit new donors.

With locations in Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Antwerp, Liege, and soon in Bordeaux, we spread a selling power across France and Belgium thanks to our franchisees and their networks.

Our best asset:
be close to you!

What we do.

In a world overloaded with online and digital interactions we think it’s essential to restore human contact to your marketing efforts.

Our franchisees and their brand ambassadors spread your brand message across France and Belgium. Our expertise? Getting to the heart of your project by being an active presence on the ground with your potential customers.


Recruitment is the heart of our business so we are happy to welcome new talent to our franchisees’ network and help you develop your innovative nature!

Our business development program allows you to gain a real sales expertise as well as an opportunity to become a franchisee while benefiting from the support of the best in the industry.

Geninc guides future talent along their journey with memorable experiences (coaching, networking, international experience…).

Completely independent, our franchisees are the picture of leadership and motivation.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur?
Become a Geninc franchisee!

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